Is your Smartphone Air Travel Friendly?

Times rapidly change and mostly the focus is on increasing comforts with time. Mobiles were considered a luxury at one period and now they are the hottest trend and necessity. However, Smartphones have the edge in the new age market. The recent development related to Smartphone usage is its insisted in Air travels. The focus has shifted from simple conversational purposes to important time saving tweaks like online ticket booking and even checking on the airport gate information.

Stats reveal incredible results regarding the increase of Smartphone uses in Air travel just over the last couple of years. What could have contributed to this increase is the launch of numerous air travel friendly apps that cut in on time and effort that you would otherwise have to put in your air travel related tasks. These apps can help you download your flight information remotely, on the go flight check in, air travel tickets price comparisons, booking, booking, and delivering tickets and many other functions that frankly seem extremely convenient for frequent travelers as well as busybodies.

The survey revealed very interesting tid-bits. For instance, the stats for carrying Smartphones is the highest among first / business class air travelers and this percentage has steadily increased for frequent travelers. The percentage of Smartphone carriers was only 28 percent last year; but the numbers jumped to 54 percent over the course of just one year.

The Smartphone owning frequent air travelers use travel friendly apps for a variety of reasons. Their curiosity extends towards the next developments regarding similar apps. The functionality of the apps is necessary to capture the buying interest of this elite group. In line development trends show that very soon air travelers might be able to rent a car via Smartphone apps, check on bag fees, particular custom rules and augmented reality will also make an appearance where it can be used to check out closest airport hangouts and bars.

The survey was inclined towards researching self-service trends amongst airline travelers. The survey was conducted on a focus group that comprised of heavy frequency fliers from highly popular airport terminals. The areas include Atlanta, Frankfurt, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Sao Paulo, and Mumbai. These areas were selected due to their popularity and widely eclectic travelers’ group base. In retrospect, the survey makes sense because the wider dimension of the focus group took various semi-groups in to account. The statistics, therefore, will have a higher credibility option.

Technology experts envision a rise in similar apps and increase in the actual functional utilization by the crowd. The future might get trendier with such phenomenon as mobile tickets, bar-coded mobile access to boarding passes, travel precautions and safety tips right in your mobile. These perks will allow you to save on the time that was till now spent in long boarding and booking lines at the airport. Again, since mobile check-in will no more be a fiction, thanks to augmented reality, chances are you will not have to reach the airport on a tight deadline.

Conclusively, catching the flight will turn out to be the only task, everything else related to the situation can be handled remotely.

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