iTunes Music & Movie Store and iTunes Match Launched in India

 Music fans in India have always been shortchanged when it came to buying music and movies online. None of the existing services provided an easy way to purchase music online. Even Flyte, Flipkart‘s attempt at a online music store left a lot to be desired. It looks like Apple has finally and silently rolled out their iTunes Music store for India.

The iTunes India store, which you can access through iTunes (for Windows, Mac or iDevice), allows you to legally buy music  and movies online. The home screen has a selection of Bollywood movies and music. You can also get your fix of International music as well on iTunes.

Music tracks can be bought for an average cost of Rs. 11, which is way lower than the cost of tracks on the US iTunes store. The prices do vary depending on the popularity of the song or album. The lowest cost for a track I noticed was around Rs. 7.  You can also rent HD movies for Rs. 120 and buy movies starting from Rs. 290 upwards.

You can also subscribe to the iTunes Match service for Rs. 1200 per year. This service scans you existing music collection and uploads your library online, it also replaces lower quality music from your collection with better quality iTunes tracks, even if you got these tracks from else where. The service also stores your music collection on the cloud allowing you to access these tracks from your other iDevices.

One good side-effect of the iTunes India launch is that now I can get iTunes to fetch cover-arts for your Albums which are missing them. This didn’t seem to work earlier when I had tried it out.

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