Jailbreaking iOS 7 on your iPad

Evad3rs have finally announced the much awaited jailbreak for iOS 7. Since I have the iPad 3 myself, I immediately decided to jailbreak it. A few words of caution though: evad3rs have mentioned that there could be boot loop problems even after a successful jailbreak on devices which have been updated OTA. This post  provides instructions based on the Windows version of evasi0n7 on jailbreaking iOS 7 on your iPad. You can follow the same steps while using the Mac version too.

[alert style=”1″]Disclaimer: Jailbreaking iOS 7 on your device will void your warranty. We do not take responsible for any issues you may face after you jailbreak your device[/alert]

I learnt this the hard way, having upgraded to 7.0.4 OTA my device was stuck on boot after a successful jailbreak. So if you are on pre iOS7 or 7.0.0, upgrade your device to 7.0.4 through iTunes. If you are already on 7.0.4 through OTA, just follow Apple’s guidelines to restore iOS device to factory settings. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1414.

Once you’re done you are now ready to jailbreak your iOS device.

So now, here the process – It is not very complicated and I just followed the steps provided by evad3rs team.

  • First, backup your device through iTunes or iCloud.
  • Download evasion 7 from http://evasi0n.com/. Unzip the folder
  • Open evasion and hit jailbreak.

Jailbreaking iOs 7 using evasi0n

  • The device will boot several times.
  • You will be asked to unlock device and tap the evasion icon on your iPad.

Jailbreaking iOs 7 using evasi0n

  • A confirmation message will be shown once jailbreaking iOS 7 is complete

Jailbreaking iOs 7 using evasi0n

It’s been a couple of days since I tried jaibreaking iOS 7 on my iPad 3rd Gen and I haven’t really encountered any major issues. So, happy jailbreaking!

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