Kinectimals – Microsoft’s first iOS Game

Considered by some as the advanced version of pets (cats and dog games) where you used to take care of your pet and play with them in the virtual environment, Kinectimals can draw the attention of every kid who plays with an Xbox. However older kids may lose interest as they grow. While it was originally a Windows Phone exclusive, Microsoft has launched this game in the  App Store targeting three-year olds on both iPad and iPhone at $2.99. Available in three languages including Korean, Japanese and English, it is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (third and fourth generation) and the iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later. It will also run on any Windows Phone device.


This application brings you the isle of Lemuria directly to the iOS or Windows Phone device of your choice. The game allows you to play by adopting a tiger cub. You can pet it, play with it and even teach some tricks to it. Be sure that the pet is kept healthy, fed, clean and happy. As you play with your pet, it becomes dirty easily. Use a sponge to clean it up. The more you play with it, the hungrier and thirstier it becomes, so make sure that it is fed properly. Rewards are offered by completing certain tasks during game play including unlocking five different cubs in the Xbox version of the title. There is also an option to create an entire standalone game. It solely lies on your choice.

As the leveling up process takes place, the player is also promoted as a trainer. Now you can explore the Lemuria and can have a travel to different places in the map. The in-game currency system increases the amount of money you have  as you level up. You can spend the money in the store buying drinks, food, toys, collars and other personal care items for your new pet. Many feel that this Tamogotchi experience is not bad at all. They find it cute. If you tap him, the camera zooms in and lets you pet him. This is usually used in kid-friendly mini games where after the tap, the cub wanders and gets a ball or a jump-rope to play with. The inventory icon reveals food, personal care items, and trick mode and so on. If you tap a trophy icon, a challenge is given which when completed earns you experience points and coins that can be spent extra times There is even a camera action that sends you to the studio and have a photo shoot with the cub. You may think that each photo shows only your pet, actually your photo with the backdrops and lights appear.

The animation is impressive while the interface is reactive and is very easy to maneuver. The major bug issues have also been fixed now, all these features now make this a great game that is played by children; while the adults can enjoy watching the kids play.

Let’s hope that Kinectimals turns out to be the game.

You can download it for your iOS device running iOS 4.2 or later at the App Store.

You can download the Windows Phone app from the Marketplace.

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