Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals? There’s an app for that!

Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals (with the Elements Pro Team) is quite literally an app that falls into the “there’s an app for that” category. Developed by MEDL Mobile in conjunction with Know Projects Inc. and Elements Skateboards, it’s a “how to” app if you’re into Skateboarding, want to start skateboarding or if you want to polish up your Skateboarding skills. It’s got so much packed into it, that I might just miss a few points! (that combined with the fact that I don’t have a skateboard and have never been able to do anything that even remotely resembles any skateboarding trick). It combines video and text based how to’s along with Photos and more from four Elements Pros: Mark Appleyard, Levi Brown, Darrel Stanton and Chad Tim Tim.

Launch the app and you get a start screen that goes straight to the tricks, Pro Team (which has Bio and Videos) and a tab with all the Videos in the app. You can also select your Natural Stance; Regular (Left Foot Leading) or Goofy (Right Foot Leading). You’ll also see a Menu bar on the bottom. Tap that to get straight to the Home, Tricks, Glossary, Hot To, About and Extras screens. You could tap that and switch between screens from just about anywhere in the app, and that makes navigation a breeze.

Switch to the Tricks page; the tricks are categorized. You have the Basic Tricks, Intermediate Grinds, Slides & Ollies, Manuals & Grinds. Go into any category, and you have a list of all the tricks. You have a list of all the videos, so you could play them all. Or you could learn the trick. This bit is really neat; it’s a guide through the various stages of the tricks through images, and an audio guide explaining each. You could learn more About the Trick (in Video), get Trick Tips, check out the Trick Variations, Get info (text), get Rider Info and the best part, you can Record your tricks and view them in the My Tricks tab.

The Pro Team tab give you Bio info on each of the Elements Pros, with Videos (just tap on the Video Part tab on top). Which brings us to the Videos themselves. The app is 288 MB, and that’ll because of all the videos! There’s a ton of them, and all of them can be found in the video tab. You can cycle through them all, just hit the previous and next tabs on screen. Oh, and make sure you check out the Glossary, there’s a lot of info over there.

You can get the KSSF app in the App Store, it’s available for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 4.3 and above, and it’s a universal app (Runs perfectly on the iPhone and the iPad). It costs $4.99,  but if you’re into skateboarding, it’s definitely worth the money. Download it here.


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