Lenovo Launches 6 new Android phones in India

Last weekend we caught up with the Lenovo team, and got a preview of some of their new devices which are hitting the Indian shores. They announced 6 new Android devices running on Intel processors ranging from around Rs. 8700 for the starting range up to Rs. 33,000 for their premium phablet phone the K900.

One phone to look out for is the P780, which comes with a whopping 4000mAH battery, which you can also hook up to other devices via USB OTG and charge them as well!

Lenovo says,

We met up with the Lenovo folks including Nick Reynolds, who is the Executive Director for Worldwide Product Launch in Lenovo Product Group. He took up though the line up and answered quite a few question which we had as well.

When asked about the customizations that Lenovo puts on top of Stock Android, Nick had told us that Lenovo doesn’t layer Android too heavily, they just put in a light layer of UI skin, which is light enough so that they can get updates out much faster.

We also asked Nick about why they decided to go with Intel processors, and if these phones would have lower battery life due to that choice. Nick answered that the latest Intel processors are much better in battery efficiency than their predecessors  so these should give comparable battery life as their ARM based cousins.

The Lenovo folks also mentioned that according to current plans, they’d be refreshing their product line every 6 months, instead of the 1 year cycle which most other manufacturers follow.

Product Overview

Let’s get an overview of the 6 devices and their Maximum Retail Prices for India now:



K900: The powerful and elegant smartphone

  • Processor: Lenovo K900 is the first smartphone in the world to leverage the latest Intel® Z2580 processor, a dual core chip, which runs up to 2.0 GHz and utilizes Intel® Hyper-Threading technology to boost performance efficiency
  • Display: The K900 is one of the first smartphones in the world to combine a 5.5” IPS display with 1080p high-definition resolution performance at 400+ pixels-per-inch, all under the latest, touch-capacitive Gorilla Glass 2
  • Camera: The phone is equipped with a 13 MP camera and an industry-leading Sony® Exmor BSI sensor. Moreover, the camera has an F1.8 focal length lens, making it the first smartphone to offer such a wide aperture on its camera. The front camera has also been widened to an 88⁰ viewing angle, the widest available on a smartphone front camera for convenient self-photos and video calls.

Retail price for the K900 is Rs. 32999.

Lenovo P780

P780: A smartphone for professionals with a high powered 4000mAh battery

  • Battery: The P780 has the best battery life of all smartphones in the market today and boasts 25 hours of active standby thanks to Lenovo Smart Energy and a 4000mAH battery, the largest in its class
  • Processor: The P780 is equipped with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor for a smooth experience
  • IPS screen: The P780 has a large, high-resolution IPS Screen offering clearer images, better refresh rates and show accurate colors from all viewing angles (178 Degrees)

Retail price for the P780 is Rs. 22529.

S920 Lenovo

S920: A super slim, large screen entertainment phone 

  • IPS screen: Fronted by a 5.3” (1280 x 720) IPS display, and framed in a smooth, rounded chassis, the Lenovo S920 smartphone is eye-grabbing, either when viewing the 16M-color screen or admiring it from afar.
  • Camera: The S920’s rear-mounted “super camera” shoots at 8MP for clearer images, and allows for up to 100 consecutive shots in burst mode, capturing still shots within video and advanced photo editing functions.
  • Processor: Backed by a 1.2GHz, quad-core processor, the S920 handles videos and demanding game graphics with ease
  • Size & Weight: The phone weighs only 159g and has a depth of merely 7.9mm, with a unique “hourglass” design that gives it an even slimmer feel

Retail price for the S920 is Rs. 26399


S820: A sleek, ergonomically designed multimedia phone

  • Processor: The phone is powered by a powerful 1.2 Ghz Quadcore processor for ultra-smooth Android experience.
  • Camera: A high-res 12MP camera captures ultra-fine images and a 2MP front camera. It is also equipped with SuperCamera software allowing you to take 100 photos in burst mode, take stills while video recording et al

Retail price for the S820 is Rs. 19599.

Lenovo A706

A706: A high performance phone

  • Processor: The phone is backed by a 1.0GHz, quad-core processor and 1GB RAM
  • Sound Quality: The Dolby Digital Plus technology lets you get the best audio experience from headphones or built-in speakers
  • Display: The phone has a 4.5” IPS display for a better experience when gaming, watching videos or surfing the net. A higher resolution means sharper images.

Retail price for the A706 is Rs. 15949.

Lenovo A390

A390: A value smartphone with substance

  • Processor: The phone has a 4” Capacitive Display with 480 x 800 resolution for a better experience when gaming, watching videos  or surfing the net. A higher resolution means sharper images
  • Storage: The A390 offers 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage expandable up to 32GB, and handles mobile gaming with ease
  • Camera: With a 5.0MP camera for capturing and sharing photos of friends, the A390 is the perfect solution for customers needing a solid performer that doesn’t break the budget

Retail price for the A390 is Rs. 8689.

Product Factsheets (links to PDF)

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