Logitech PowerShell launches in India for iPhone Gamers

Last week we were invited to attend the launch of the Logitech PowerShell in India. Mr Ashok Jangra, Cluster Marketing Manager, India & SW Asia formally launched the device. The device is essentially an iPhone only gaming controller. Powershell 1 Physically the device tries to mimic the likes of the Playstation Portable, and to an extent one could easily mistake for a PSP with the iPhone plugged in. The device comes with an analog d-pad, shoulder triggers and a button cluster to give you a console like feeling. The device is pretty easy to use; one needs to just place the device in the dock and you are ready to go.Logitech PowerShell The device supports a pretty exhaustive list of games, Sonic and Overkill 2 being our favourites. For more information, you can check out the Logitech PowerShell website for a complete list of supported games. List of Supported Games With the little time we got to play with the device we did enjoy using it, but we would have preferred a joystick for shooting games as it was very difficult to focus on a target with the d-pad. Though the device offers buttons to control to play games, it doesn’t offer control over the game menu options, which has to be done only by touching the screen. This is not really a deal breaker, though a joystick would be very useful for menu controls as well as gaming. Powershell 2 Talking about daily usage, with the iPhone plugged the PowerShell doesn’t really compromise on the phones features, you can still make your calls, listen to music and even take photos. Logitech has also provided a neat little headphone extension jack and also an extension to charge the device as you play. The device comes with a built-in 1500mAh battery for added game time. We did notice that the build quality isn’t up to the mark and doesn’t feel like it is built to last. Also, with rumors of the next Apple iPhone being bigger than the current 4.5” the PowerShell may not be really Future Proof. The device was launched at a sticker price of Rs.8990, but one should be able to find one for a lesser price in the market.

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