LookOut Launches Mobile Threat Network With Verizon’s Help

Mobile communication has become vital for daily life. With the enormous boost in the smart phone industry today, security is an important concern to the consumers who use these smart phones on a daily basis. Everyday Mobile App developers land with new innovative applications at the open application market to help consumers choose from an array of options and help them with the touch of personalization and customized use of their smart phone. But are these apps safe and malware-free? Since one cannot predict beforehand the difference between a good application and a bad one, an additional responsibility comes in and calls for protection to avoid malicious viruses and spyware attacking the data on your smart phone

LookOut Mobile Security is one of the leaders in Mobile security and has taken upon it on their shoulders to help you have a safe mobile experience. It has recently launched a platform, Mobile Threat Network which analyses and detects the applications in real time from various threats and malware before one downloads the applications from the app store or download sites. A fast and an efficient way to scan applications and mark potential problem apps for a further investigation sounds like a great solution to a real problem. Lookout has been analyzing just about every known app created via its App Genome Project, which has collected more than 700,000 mobile apps. About 1,000 apps are added to that collection daily, and Lookout has now included them all in it’s Mobile Threat Network, so it can detect anomalies in apps. Upon detecting any kind of threat or malware, it automatically protects its 10 million users who use its security software on their phones around the globe.

The Mobile Threat Network automatically detected new variants of the Droid Dream malware, preventing the spread of the malware in the Android Market recently. It is a call for all the mobile app developers to know the fact that their apps will be checked and scanned the moment they get added to the Mobile Threat Network database.

LookOut developed the security API giving out safety and defense against the various security issues to the Apps available in the network, enabling consumers to download the apps with confidence and use them the safest way. Not just that, it has considered extending the power of their Security API to partners through the Mobile Threat Network.

Verizon Wireless is first among the companies to join hands with the Mobile Security firm. Verizon has signed a deal with Lookout this week to take advantage of its services in its VCast App Store which will be continuously scanned for threats before users download apps. Verizon clearly hopes to differentiate its app store by offering its users more protection. It is also made transparent to the end- user who can be sure of a safe download from the Vcast store. Other app stores can tap into this feature as well with their API.

Lookout has established itself quickly as the leader in security services and the number of pieces of malware detected by Lookout increased 85% in the second quarter from the first quarter. The good news is that the Lookout’s app is available for free. The premium version also exists at $2.99 per month which has more backup options and the ability to wipe out data remotely from stolen phones.

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