Lookout – Security and backup for Android devices

Lookout is an Android app which does multiple tasks –

  • It keeps your device safe from Malware by scanning any new app you install and make sure it’s safe,
  • Lookout also comes with an online service which allows you to back up data from your phone to their servers,
  • You can  track the location of your phone from their online site if you loose your phone.

One of the uses of this application is to find your device when it goes missing. When you install this application, you’re promted to sign up for an account. If you’ve misplaced your phone, just head over to Lookout’s online server and sign in with this account. Once you log-in you get options to locate your device on a map. For better accuracy, you’ll have to enable GPS on your phone by default. I checked the service without GPS on, and it still did a good job of locating the device based on the wireless networks. If you still can’t locate the phone, use the scream option on the website, and it sends a request to your phone to make a very loud sound so you can find it. This request may take a while to get to you phone based on the network connectivity. The “Scream” continues for a minute, so if you find your phone before that, use the volume control to turn off the noise.  It is LOUD, so you may not want to try it out at office (like my friend did) !

You can schedule the app to run automated backups of your contacts, call logs and pictures from your phone to the Lookout Servers. If you’d prefer not to backup any of these, you can choose to remove them from the backup list as well.

You can also setup Lookout to automatically scan for viruses and malware on your Android device. You can enable the Antivirus to run automatically and scan for malware automatically when you install a new application. You can also scheduled automated virus scans of your phone at customizable durations. And you can always run these tasks manually if you wish to do so.

QR for Lookout

If you’re looking for a good recommendation for Lookout, check out how app helped catch a thief – here’s the news video

You can get this app from the Android Market by scanning the QR code on the right or head over to Lookout’s Mobile Site www.mylookout.com/m/android using your mobile web browser.

Here are more screenshots from the Lookout Application for Android:

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