Lumia 800 Battery Update from Nokia

The past two days have seen the online media in a swirl with the battery problems on the Lumia 800 getting magnified out of proportion. The problem it seems is that some devices don’t actually charge the battery on the device to it’s full capacity. Due to this the users of these devices see a lower than battery life on the device. The actual facts of the matter is that all Nokia Lumia 800 phones are not affected by this problem, it’s limited to some of the devices which were shipped out. To this regard, Nokia had released an official statement regarding this.

In summary here’s what the statement says, the impact of this issue on handsets sold in India is minimal, since the devices just started shipping out. The problem on the affected handsets can be fixed by a software update, which Nokia will he rolling out early next year.

Even so, using the “Diagnostics” app pre-loaded on your device you can check if your phone is affected or not. If you find that it is, or want to confirm, just reach out to the Nokia Support folks and they’ll help you see if your phone is affected and provide you a solution if it is.

Here’s the text of the Official statement from Nokia on this regard:

India impact will be minimal since we just started shipping. Therefore, If a consumer buys a Nokia Lumia 800 today, there is absolutely no impact. Nokia will go the extra mile to delight their consumers especially with a flagship product like Lumia 800


  • “Following global reports of examples where the preloaded Diagnostics tool in the Nokia Lumia 800 was showing lower than expected levels of full battery charge capacity we immediately conducted extensive testing on the devices at a global level.
  • Following the tests, we can now confirm that while the battery in the devices is fine, in some variants a software problem is preventing some units of the Nokia Lumia 800 from accessing the full battery capacity.
  • The good news is that as it is a software problem it can be easily resolved and the planned early 2012 software update, as well as including some performance enhancements, will also include a fix that will enable the affected phones to access the total battery capacity. Once this update is applied customers should experience much better battery life.
  • Anyone customer who needs further clarification is being asked to contact Nokia Care (Care contact details and locations can be found at

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4 thoughts on “Lumia 800 Battery Update from Nokia”

  1. this battery bug is effecting almost all the new smart phones like Google nexus, iPhone 4s and Nokia lumia 800 ..maybe in the race to reach the top, manufacturers are forgetting the most important thing- testing. :P and now it is back to bite their @$$

    1. This is about a bug affecting some phones, and not about battery life in general. It has something to do with battery capacity limited by software to 1350 mAh and issues with booting up if it runs out of charge. Very few Lumia 800s (comparatively) are affected by this bug.. 

      1. but you have to agree on one thing – whenever i see a new smart phone there is always a news related about a battery  issues more than any processor, ram/rom. the mb,  display or even reception (iphone 4 own problems ) it is 99% of the time related to battery.. why even basic handset have had this problem.. 

        why is that mobile phone manufacturers always compromise on battery or its testing??

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