Maemo Masters Invitational – Week 2 Questions

We’ve just announced the winners of Week 1 of the Maemo Masters contest. If you’re not part of the winner’s list, here another chance to get your Maemo Master’s goodies with your N900 purchase. To recap what this contest is about:

Nokia’s teamed up with us to offer 25 lucky readers the chance to buy the Maemo Master Special Edition of the N900 which is available exclusively for winners from the blog. The Maemo Masters Special Edition includes

  • The N900 of course,
  • BH-214 Bluetooth Stereo Headset,
  • A specially crafted “Maemo Master” T-Shirt
  • Stickers.

All this for the cost of a plain ol’ N900. Why settle for less?

The questions for this week are on the N900’s browser. It’s an awesome piece of software which allows you to surf the web as it’s supposed to be viewed – no mobile browser version required!

Here goes:
1. What is the default browser on the N900 called? hint
2. Name one addon or extension for N900’s default browser. hint

As last time, comment on this article with you answers. Winners for this round will be announced on June 22 at the Maemo Masters blog. Read the rules and regulations for the contest.

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29 thoughts on “Maemo Masters Invitational – Week 2 Questions”

  1. #1 – MicroB is the default browser for N900 – Based on Mozilla & uses the Gecko layout engine & GTK instead of XUL!

    #2 – ADBlock Plus (Hint: There are atleast 9 addons under development ;) )

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