Mario running across your homescreen

How would you like to have Mario running across your Android phone’s desktop?

The Mario Live Wallpaper show random levels of the game playing continuously in the background of your home screen. No, you can’t play the game itself, it kind of auto-plays the level before going on to the next level. It would have been cool, if you could also actually control the game by touching on the screen, but then this itself is cool.

The wallpaper also comes with a settings window which allows you to control the brightness, and fps. So set it to a lower fps if you don’t the battery to drain out on you in a few hours.

If you want to download this on your phone, you can head over to the Android Market using this link on your device or scan the QR code on the left using you phone.

If you can’t find the application on the Android Market ( like we couldn’t), you can also download the apk files for this to install directly on your phone. To get the apk file, head over to this XDA forum thread.

Disclaimer: This is a wallpaper you can use to impress your friends with and stare at if you don’t have anything much to do at the moment, but it does eat up your battery life, so if you were planning on making it your permanent wallpaper, you may want to reconsider :)

Here’s a video of the wallpaper in action:

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