MeCanto : Streaming music to your phone from your computer

MeCanto is a music streaming application by Hyrax Media Ltd available online at the Ovi Store. What’s different is that you get to listen to your own music that’s stored on your computer hard drive.


Getting the application running is quite easy, it requires two downloads, one for your computer and another for the phone, along with a MeCanto account which is free to setup. The interface is incredibly simple to use, so as long as you’ve used a music player at some point you won’t have any problem navigating through the menu.

One neat feature was that multiple people were able to use the same account, thereby creating a virtually limitless library of music. Though I’m not sure if this was the intended purpose of the app, but this aspect was quite useful.

MeCanto currently doesn’t have a storage limit, so your entire music library can be stored online. Once uploaded to the MeCanto servers your computer doesn’t have to be on to stream your music to the phone.

One of the main concerns is that is struggles a bit on GPRS/EDGE if you run any web based apps. So if you’re trying to surf the web or access Google Maps you can forget about trying to listen to music. You’ll have to be on a 3G network to really be able to enjoy seamless streaming music, or get onto a Wi-Fi network.

Another concern is would you really need the service if the storage capacity on your phone is large enough?

Either way it is a very useful app and definitely has serious novelty value.

The MeCanto app is available online at the Ovi Store for a limited 30-day trial period and costs 3.00 Euros to buy. Accounts are free to setup, it’s definitely worth trying out.

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