Media Capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S

So we’ve been testing the Galaxy S for a couple of days now. The main things that make the phone stand out from the crowd of Android Devices is its Media Capabilities. By that I mean it’s screen, camera and video capabilities, video playback capabilities and to a certain extent its music playback (although that’s more or less a given for most devices nowadays). So I’ve tried to put together a few photos and videos I’ve taken using the phone, and we also have a video of  it’s gallery, camera settings and the media player. To recap what the Galaxy S is all about, check our previous post here.

Here’s our video review on the Gallery, Camera Interface and the Music Player on the Galaxy S:

Still Shots on the Camera:

Here’s a list of the basic settings on the camera:

In image mode –

  • Single Shot, Self Shot, Beauty, Smile Detection, Burst Mode, Panorama,”Vintage”, “Add Me”, Action Mode and Cartoon
  • Scenes -Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sports, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dawn, Fall, Fireworks, Text, Candle light, and back light.>Scenes are various preset settings (colour saturation, contrast, etc) for different light situations.
  • Image Resolutions – 5M (2560×1920), w4M (2560×1536), 3.2M (2048×1536), w2.4M (2048×1232), 2M (1600×12000), w1.5M (1600×960), 0.3M (VGA, 640×480) and w.04M (WVGA, 800×480)

Here are a few shots I took while trying out the different settings. I didn’t experiment too much due to rain, low light, fog, and a lot of other different things. The camera takes the burst/continuous shots in VGA resolution, so while you do get decent shots, they’re low res and it’s limited to nine shots in a row only..

Here are some of the pictures which I took using some of the camera modes. (Some images may take time to download, since I uploaded the full unresized images straight from the phone).

Video on the Galaxy S:

Here’s what you get with the Video Recorder:

  • Normal Mode and Limited for MMS mode (176×144, 256kb max)
  • Recording Resolutions – 1280×720 (720p HD), 720×480, 640×480, 320×240, 176×144
  • White Balance Settings, Video effects (Grey, Sepia and Negative)
  • Exposure Compensation

Here’re a few videos recorded at maximum resolution. You might want to turn the volume down a little bit, coz it’s a little loud! Make sure you see the video at 720p.

Note: Since the sun refused to come out, I couldn’t actually take proper shots in “proper” daylight, so took what I could.

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