Meego's New Industry Participants

The Linux Foundation announced yesterday that the Meego Project has garnered a whole set of industry participants. These include leading device manufacturers, operating system vendors (OSVs), chipset manufacturers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and development communities. Some of the companies that have committed to the Meego project include Acer, Amino, Asianux, Asus, BMW Group, Collabora, Ltd., CS2C, DeviceVM, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Hancom, Linpus, Maemo Community Council, Mandriva, Metasys, Miracle, MontaVista Software, Novell, PixArt, Red Flag, ST-Ericsson, Tencent, TurboLinux, VietSoftware, Wind River, WTEC, and Xandros.

This is really interesting news. Meego definitely has a lot of potential, and with industry support, the possibilities are endless. I can imagine setting up my car, meddling with the ECU and other on board systems from my phone! Can’t wait!!

Read the rest of the article over at CrunchGear.

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