Meet the Nokia 600’s Designer

The  Nokia 600 was leaked a while back, and was launched officially a while back as one of the first phones to run Symbian Belle. Well, Nokia Conversations has a post where they interviewed Giuseppe Russo, Design Specialist of the Industrial Design Team, about the design of the Nokia 600. It’s an interesting read.

Here are some excerpts:

Being a designer at Nokia has a mixture of functions. Designing devices and mobile experiences is an activity that pulls many things together, such as knowing the users and their desires, hardware and software technologies, services and markets, production and distribution, and several more. We work closely with the R&D and hardware teams to create and develop our ideas, sometimes many years ahead. Ultimately, the aim is to combine all the bits together to create a great user experience where hardware and UI (User Interface) work together as are a whole.

Personally, I do wish they had worked on the UI much earlier.

The colors are a very important part of the design story. Of course, black and dark colors are always a good basic colour, but we wanted the Nokia 600 to express some attitude, so we decided on these vibrant colours.

Nokia phones have come out in various non-standard colours, and generally people love them because of that. Apart from the Pink N8 of course.

Read more over at Nokia Conversations.

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