Mighty Text – Send and Receive SMS on your Desktop via an Android Phone

This is one of those convenience apps which you get hooked on to, and soon can’t live without. How would you like a Desktop interface for you to see your incoming Text messages and reply to them, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket?

Mighty Text is an app which gives you just that, and it’s very simple to setup. All I had to do is to download the app on my phone, open it up and link it to my Gmail account. Once I did that, I got an email account with details on how to setup the Desktop side of things.

I went and downloaded the Mighty Text Google Chome extension, and signed into my Gmail account there as well, and that’s all. As you can see from the screenshot below, Mighty Text imported the existing messages from the phone and had it ready on the web interface.

You can also reply to messages from this interface, using standard Text SMS or even MMS messages with attachments. Now with Mighty Text setup, I never hunt around for my phone when I get messages, I just launch the web interface and do my stuff.

In case you don’t use Chrome, they have instructions to get Mighty Text installed on most other browsers as well. Head out to this link for instructions.

Download Link

Download Mighty Text from Google Play.

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