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Every person who loves to drink something (not only alcohol) must have thought about this question at least one time: “How would it taste if I mix this, that and then this one?” The result is generally disappointing. Adding cola to orange juice didn’t make it to be your favourite drink. And beer doesn’t feel good itself in rich whiskey.

This, the bad result, happens only if you are not sure what you are doing. If you had advice from a friend and you tried it, it has a better chance to taste good. But still it could fail. Unless your friend is a bartender, you will have to drink bad mixes in order to achieve the ultimate favourite drink of yours. Sometimes the drinks are the right ones, but your method is not good. Sometimes ice would make it better, sometimes not. Like I said before, if you or your friend is not a bartender, you have to experiment.

The fact I told you about is not a fact anymore if you have an Android device and a cool app called Cocktail Flow. This eye candy, useful and sweet friend tells you no theories but only the experimented mixes. It doesn’t only give you the ingredients but tells you how to make it. It also shows you how it would look like when you did what it told in the right way. Being found at this link, the app waits to make your dreams to be a bartender true.

Except for being your cool bartender buddy, this app offers many things. Let’s meet our guy…

As expected, you don’t have much choice in Settings. You can set language (English and German) and currency. In case they release a new mix package, there is a push notification option, if you want to know this as soon as they release, you can activate push notifications. You can also set animations on and off. But they look so nice that I will never disable animations.

There are new mix packages which you can download later. You can get the free ones and paid ones. And considering that they have a push notification for this, we can think that there will be new ones. So, our bartender buddy will get smarter in the future.

Talking about smartness, there is a good feature which I would not expect before. But now, without them, I don’t think I will survive: Barstock and Shopping. Barstock is where you can choose which drinks you have at the moment. Then the app calculates how many cocktails we could prepare with what we have.

On the Shopping page, it recommends you some drinks and its ingredients. This would get better if we install more packages. The recommendations change if you have some drinks in your cabinet. This is the first place I can finally give some advice to the developers of this app: We should have settings about shopping. How much we want to pay, how many different cocktails we would like and how we want it to taste are something we should be able to change. Who wants to get a coke when he wants just a hot chocolate?

Categories tab is also very useful. What we wanted with shopping is used here. You can list the drinks by color, by type, by base drink. So, if we wanted to charm a girl, we could use pink and when we want to show the passion, red will be our colour whereas blue will calm us down with its look. Long drink, shooter, tropical and creamy might be our mood indicators. But again, I feel like we can improve things around here, too. What if I want a drink which is based on vodka, in red colour and tropical? I think we should be able to choose it to be both red and tropical etc. It may sound a little useless when you have only the stock cocktails in the app, but after you have more of them, believe me, this could help you out.

So, you have your buddy telling you how to make a cocktail, you went shopping and bought all the drinks and came home. You know the right steps to make the drink. But you don’t feel very confident about your talent and your “barware”? Then I hope you noticed the Guides in the application. This section doesn’t even need an introduction. Just see what you will learn from there. And yes, you definitely will learn something from there.

We barely mentioned the packages. There are 6 more packages available now of which three are paid and three are free. I would advise you to download them when you have wi-fi connection.

To sum up, the app is definitely more than an app. There are some missing features, of course. Like the ones that we mentioned before, the ability to prepare the cocktails for us, drink them with us while making funny jokes and sing with us when we are drunk enough to sing a sad song. We’ll see what other features the devs are thinking about right now.

Cocktail Flow is also available on Windows Phone! (Thanks to the commentor for the Tip). It’s a paid app, with a free trial.

Download the app for Windows Phone here. You can download the app for Android Phones over here, and Android Tablets over here

You can follow the app updates on twitter, it’s @cocktailflow and you can follow the developers @teamdistinction. You can also visit the website, it’s http://cocktailflow.com.

So, if you saw another cool feature of this app or if you want this app to have another good feature to talk about, you can simply tell us by commenting here or sending an e-mail to the devs.

Screenshots from the Cocktail Flow:

Here’s a video of the app in action, courtesy of the developers:

Cocktail Flow – As good as cocktails get on a mobile from Distinction on Vimeo.


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