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If you’ve got a subscription and want to listen to that on the go, try out Mobbler, the client for Symbian phones.

You can listen to your favourite music streamed straight from to your phone. Mobbler allows you to listen to your Favorite ‘Loved’ Tracks, your Radio Station, your Neighbourhood. You can also listed to the music based on tags or artists search.

While you are listening to music, you can add the currently playing track to your play-list on and even mark tracks as favorites, so you can listen to them later on any client.

Are you Scrobbling?

If you have Mobbler running in the background, you can also have the music you are playing on your phone’s music player ‘scrobbled’. What ‘scrobbled’ means is that Mobbler send the information about the song you are playing to .

How is this good?

Based on your listening history, can recommend other songs and artists that you may be interested in. You can listen to these recommendations as well on Mobbler.

If you’re planning on using this application for your listening pleasure, make sure you’re connected on WiFi or have an Unlimited Data plan on your number. This application does use a lot of bandwidth. If you’re on a lean bandwidth plan and don’t mind a little bit of degradation in sound quality, head over to the Settings menu and change the bitrate to 64kbps.

If you just want to scrobble what you are listening to on your phone, you just need a free account and Mobbler is also a free application. If you want to listen to music straight from and listen to your recommendations, you’ll need a paid subscription which is $3 per month.

You can get Mobbler from Ovi Store at

Mobbler is an Open Source Software,  you can head out to their Google code site to learn more about the project and follow them on twitter @Mobbler.

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