Mobile apps for Lawyers (iPhone and iPad apps)


Lawyers are the kind of professionals that are always low on time and high on demand. They need to sort out a lot their work on the go, keeping deadlines, creating documents and researching cases simultaneously. Meanwhile, they also need to keep a track of the standard laws and the amendments being made in them from time to time. Arranging client details in order and managing research material becomes quite a messy work. In regards with these issues, lawyers can resort to the use of various smartphone applications available in the market these days. Almost all of us now use smartphones, so this list here of all the top mobile applications for lawyers can be pretty useful.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary

Lawyers have to use a lot of books and reference materials constantly to look up a lot of articles, laws and legal issues. Carrying all this stuff everywhere is of course impossible, but it is darned much essential for every lawyer looking to make a mark. This is where the Black’s Law Dictionary mobile application comes in extremely handy. With technologies aid, lawyers can now have this supremely exhaustive and comprehensive piece of Thomson Reuters reference guide with them at all times.

2. Evernote

Evernote is undoubtedly the best mobile application out there for effective and efficient note taking without much fuss or delay. For people who want to organize, store and sync their data on the mobile (especially Lawyers who need their legal documents and research well organized), this application is a boon. Even though, it requires you to pay a monthly charge for the subscription for its full advantage, it is undeniably well worth it.

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free+

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is easily one of the “must-have” applications on your mobile – for the sole reason that you can access any of your files on the cloud from anywhere, on your mobile. Any important files, documents or research papers can be uploaded on the Dropbox cloud and then accessed from anywhere on your mobile. This reduces the risk of losing the files from your database as well as helps you share these files and documents with anyone using Dropbox extremely easily.

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. LawRD

This is the most essential mobile application for lawyers as well as law firms in regards with the Financial Management goes in the legal terms. LawRD essentially helps you estimate and measure the Return on Investment with immense proficiency. It provides you with a timesheet to keep records of your expenses, has detailed billing sheets to help you bill your clients on time and lets you know the profitability and productivity of a case instantly. A definite must.

5. iJuror

Jury is considered to be an extremely vital cog in the judicial system today, and iJuror is one of those rare applications which lets you observe and choose the perfect jury members. It gives you effective methods of monitoring potential jurors while enabling you to take due notes at the same time. It has features to make sharing your thoughts and opinions with other lawyers too. It does come with a cost of $19.99, but then it’s a darned good investment to make.

Developer: Scott Falbo
Price: 16,99 €+

6. Fastcase

When it won the American Association of Law Libraries New Product of the Year Award, you knew that Fastcase was undoubtedly the mobile application everybody had praised and revered. Also, if you have used the desktop version of this wonderful application, getting it on mobile would only make better sense. It is essentially a web-based legal research application that lets you sort and customize the search results according to your needs and necessities. This one should be in every list of top mobile apps for lawyers.

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