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Well, lets assume you are.. Most of us who listen to rock music, need to listen to it LOUD! If you don’t, well then you’re just doing it wrong. Listening to loud music is great on a solid set of speakers, but invariably when you want to switch to the portable world of music, most of the bass is left want, treble gets tinny and well the bass is just reduced to ear jarring vibrations.
Motörhead brings you the latest in portable audio gear.Lets first check out the more portable versions they have on offer.


Overkill is aimed at the smartphone user, equipped a microphone and music controller as well. Which will handle ass the basic phone and music player controls. The earphones feature an all metal construction and have excellent audio quality throughout the entire range.
The Overkill is priced at Rs. 3,899.


These little guys will deliver the entire audio range maintain clarity and quality throughout. To make them Motörhead proof, all parts are made of the most durable Swedish metal. It features a right-angled metal connector. Which takes less space, is more durable and a lot tougher to break.It comes in 3 finishes- brushed metal, metal black or brass.
The Trigger is priced at Rs. 2,999.
Now on to the big boys. All the versions comes with smartphone compatibility as standard. More geared towards the smartphone user who sacrifices size for comfort.


Big guitars, fat drums and rumbling bass. That is what the Bomber is all about. With 30mm speakers these guys can definitely handle and dish out serious power.
The Bomber is priced at Rs. 6,399.


Meant for the person who wants a mighty punch without having to carry a boombox around! The 40mm speakers, pack the bass without losing clear mid-range and distinct high. The mid and the high frequencies are so clear you easily can separate the instruments from each other. Iron Fist is delivered with both a 1m cable for mobile music players and a 2.5m cable for listening at home or where you find it comfortable. The cable is woven and of course single sided as on all professional headphones.
Ironfist  is priced at Rs. 7,499.


Over-the-ear, Over-the-top. Equipped with 40mm neodymium high power speakers these heavy-duty headphones give you smooth warm bass, bombastic drums and clear mid-range plus distinct high-end.  The headphones are designed with DJs in mind, with turnable ear cups for single side listening. With Motörizer you get our own Controlizer, a smartphone ready microphone/controller which can adjust the volume, pause, play, play forward and what else you would expect from headphones
The Motorizer is priced at Rs. 8,299.
One thing Motörhead stresses on is their excellent build quality, I guess they do know their target audience quite well! If you’re not sure of what kind of people back these products, this link should set you straight. For Rockers by Rockers has never been more true.

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