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In an interesting advancement in the world of technology, Motorola Mobility Holdings IncHTC CorpSony EricssonPantech Co. Ltd and Sharp Electronics Corp have together initiated a complete end-to-end mobile management solution based on the 3LM (Three Laws Mobility Inc) – Android Enterprise Platform, on February 15, 2011. 3LM is a developer of mobile enterprise security software and solutions and mobile device management products for the Android operating system.

The 3LM startup was founded by two ex- Google employees who were on the Android team. The 3LM technology tackles user-friendliness, cost-of-management and security concerns for IT managers and chief information officers by making Android devices handier within corporate environments.

“Along with their technology, the 3LM team brings deep knowledge and expertise in the development of enterprise security features and software for Android”, said Christy Wyatt, Corporate Vice President, Software & Services Product Management for Motorola Mobility. He further added, “With 3LM, we are excited to be able to work across the Android ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of Android devices by corporate users and their IT departments. We are excited to welcome 3LM’s talented personnel to the Motorola Mobility team”.

Like any other sound ideology, the 3LM develops technology for Android devices based on three core principles –

1. Protect Your User – A mobile device must not harm its user through excessive or incorrect usage or permit the user to manipulate itself into harming a third party.

2. Protect Yourself – A mobile device must respect the code for secrecy and keep its data secured.

3. Comply – A mobile device must allow complete freedom to the user and allow him/her to use the device to whatever means, as long as the first two principles are obeyed.

Motorola Mobility Inc blends novel technology with human inputs to craft experiences that make people’s lives simpler, help them connect with the world, and enhance their lifestyles. Their portfolio includes smart phones and tablets, wireless accessories, video and data delivery from one end to the other, along with management solutions.

Tom Moss and Gaurav Mathur, co-founders of 3LM say, “The 3LM solution was developed for three reasons – to enable next generation mobile devices such as tablets and phones to become the primary computing devices at enterprises, replacing laptops without sacrificing security or functionality and to help enterprises reduce IT costs while at the same time increasing user choice and satisfaction; and finally, to unleash innovation in enterprise applications and services”.

Unlike mechanised technological advancements, 3LM claims to be invented by enthusiasts who believe in “art for the sake of art”. It will take time for the end user to actually find out what in practicality is different from other similar systems. With the technology world going gaga all over Android, it would really take something special from a company to attract & establish its product in the psyche of the end user.

On an optimistic note, let’s assume Motorola will be able to do that & more !!

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