Mozilla building Android-based mobile OS to battle chrome

Mozilla v/s Chrome: Round one – ding ding.. Mozilla have today revealed preliminary plans to take their Firefox-driving Gecko engine and turn it into an open-source operating system that will eventually work on phones and tablets.

Aptly code-named “Boot to Gecko”, it is known that the source code will be released to the public “in real-time,” wrote Andreas Gal, a Mozilla researcher; who goes on to say that their ultimate goal is to break “the stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile device world”. Taking to heart the idea of open source, developers working with the project intend for it to become a “complete, standalone operating system for the open web.” Instead of building apps using the Android SDK, the platform will instead focus on HTML5 based applications. The company wrote on their blog:

“We will do this work in the open, we will release the source in real-time, we will take all successful additions to an appropriate standards group, and we will track changes that come out of that process. We aren’t trying to have these native-grade apps just run on Firefox, we’re trying to have them run on the web.”

Which devices can possibly expect to run this new Mozilla OS, you ask? Well, Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s vice president of technical strategy, said that the company is looking towards Nvidia Tegra 2 devices because they offer hardware acceleration of open audio and video formats. Although ‘Boot to Gecko’ is still in its infancy, it’s almost heart-warming to see another open source rival step into the ring. Perhaps, reminiscent of when Android first started off..

[source: phandroid]

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