My favorite 5 Must have Blackberry Apps

1. Blackberry Messenger aka BBM

One of the essential apps in Blackberry. It’s best for a quick communication in an Enterprise environment. Rather than sending a long mail you can send a quick note to your colleague or boss using BBM. The simplicity and encrypted communication make this messenger stand out from other Instant messenger applications.

2. Google Mobile Apps

This is the all Google apps in one place. It allows one click access to all my favorite Google apps. I mainly use this to read the feeds I have subscribed then a quick search using voice command. It’s pretty easy and accurate! Apart from this you can access most the Google apps from here.

3. Evernote

If you are already using Evernote on your desktop I don’t need to explain the beauty of this app. It will let me jot down cool ideas on the go and it will synchronize on the cloud. So whatever data is recorded on the Evernote can be accessed from anywhere! You can make text note, take snap shots, record audio notes even you can upload a file. Try this to jot down the blogging ideas and be more productive!

4. IM+

One social app for all those social networking sites. IM+ will let you connected with AIM, Facebook chat, Windows Live, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk, Skype. So a single app can have multiple clients under one roof. Personally I prefer to have least application as it can increase the phone performance.

5. DataBackup

It’s essential to have a backup tool on the phone itself as am very lazy to take a backup using the Desktop Manager. Since we use blackberry for business the data on it will be valuable so loosing those data is un imaginable. DataBackup app can create a complete backup on to an SD card. If the phone fails you can restore the data on to another device but what if the phone itself is stolen?

What do you think about these apps? Share your thoughts!

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