N900 firmware update PR 1.1.1

N900 Firmware update v3.2010.02-8 (PR 1.1.1)
Nokia has just released their latest firmware update for the Nokia N900. The new firmware version is v3.2010.02-8 (PR 1.1.1). You can get this through OTA updates and the download weighs in around 16MB. Apart from a few bug-fixes there are new features in this release.

When you install this application, make sure you’ve got 42MB free in your application install memory. If you don’t uninstall some apps which you don’t use and disable all extra repositories.

Here are what’s in the changelog for this release:

  • Browser
    • History images do not match actual URLs under them
    • New browser windows contents are not updated when page loads in background
  • Connectivity
    • Wifi won’t connect until rebooted…
    • Vodafone Italy: Wrong APN is autoconfigured
  • Core
    • OpenGL ES 1.1 should be supported
  • Settings and Maintenance
    • apt-get segfaults when system has ran out of ptys
  • System software
    • Battery Dies Under 6 Hours with Very Moderate Use (Static IP?)
  • Telephony
    • wrong cmt-firmware-rx51 (cell modem) version in published firmware?

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