N900 PR1.2 Update

The much awaited PR1.2 update is out! We tried it out, albeit for a very short while, and below, I’ll let you know how you can do the update and what the updated firmware brings.

There are 3 ways by which you can update your N900:

  1. OTA (the simplest way) – Just go to the app manager, hit refresh and see if it is available. If so, go right ahead. If that doesn’t work, try the other two. Don’t worry, they’re all safe!
  2. Nokia Software Updater – If you can’t find the OTA, the next best thing is to update your phone using the NSU. You’ll have to install NSU obviously, and if you already have it, you’ll have to update it to the latest version. After that, follow instructions. Simple. Do note that it’ s a 188MB update.
  3. Using Maemo Flasher – Follow the instructions here, and visit this link to download and install the latest firmware.

Do make sure to back up all your contents on your phone. If you follow the Maemo Flasher link to update your phone, you’ll have to restore everything, including all your contacts, etc. For the other updates, your applications will have to be reinstalled. It’s a simple, painless process, and is definitely worth it!

The update brings along a whole lotta bug fixes, and quite a few new features. You’ll get a new on-screen keyboard, the Ovi Maps gets some UI enhancements and is much faster (still no voice guided navigation, sadly), the menu structure itself has changed. You won’t find the “more” button, instead you can just scroll down. You can rearrange the first level of icons in the menu system, all you need to do is hold one icon and wait for the screen to change to allow you to move around icons.

Facebook chat has been integrated, and both skype and gtalk now have video calling enabled!!

Most importantly, I found the phone to be much zippier than before!

Here’s a list that I found on the Maemo Talk forum:

1. Video calling
Not direct. Cannot call phone to phone. Only use through skype and Gtalk. I never use phone video calling (too expensive) so I at least welcome this.

2. Native web browsing in Portrait (with access to bookmarks and “back” button).
To activate go to “Options/Settings” to enable rotation.

3. Integrated FB chat.
Good to have official support. You need your facebook user name to log in.

4. New Share option via File Manager (no need for petrovich)
Surely we can agree this is good?

5. Better interface for Ovi maps (and now open maps by clicking on a contacts address)
I know. I know. Still lacking voice navigation and other fantastic features our symbian bredrens are enjoying.

6. Keyboard mapping changed. Pressing and holding a key allows the “blue” symbols to be used (no more holding the blue arrow key).

7. Calendar no longer opens up at 4am every morning. Bug fixed.

8. USSD codes now work. (try any USSD provided by your operator)
Very handy.

9. Email. Move Messages from folder to folder or to your N900’s local storage.(pretty sure this is a new feature).
Hit “Inbox” at the top bar and “Move messages”

Search Email – Type anywhere in the email window and watch results show up.

10. Search apps catalogue dynamically (results show as you type a letter).

11. Mark and Delete/Share Multiple Conversations/Emails/Images.
This was a big problems for me. Now you can attach multiple images to emails or send them via bluetooth without doing one at a time. Hit the top bar and select “Share” or “Delete”. Now you can click and higlight multiple items. Great no?

12. Re-arrange the menu as you like.
Press and hold any icon in the Menu to initiate this.

13. Get rid of “SMS” option to landline numbers.
Go to Contacts, and hit the top bar and settings.

13. Join Chat room? (new?)
If you go to Conversations there an option via the top bar to join chat room. It only accepts “addresses”. Yet to test/play with this.

[Updated with users suggestions]
14. Data Counter
Settings/Phone now allows you to view home network data counter as well as roaming data counter.

15. Video night mode introduced

16. Improved Battery Life
Some users are reporting a drastic performance increase. I personally havent felt the difference.

17. Browser
Shift + up key (takes u to top of the page)
Shift + down key (takes u to the far bottom of page).
Rearrangement of controls
Back button now instantly takes you back without showing a “desktop” view of previously visited pages. I know people complained of having to take the keyboard out to hit “back” before.

18. Volume. You can finally adjust the volume when the phone is locked. Great for listening to music.

19. Red Eye Removal added to “edit image” in the gallery.

20. Main camera now has two additional resolutions available (1.5MB and 3MB medium). Allowing for small images to be take for email etc.

21. Notifications (miss calls/text mssgs etc) show on lock screen without unlocking phone.

22. Call Type. When you open the dial pad you can enter a phone number and then select whether you want the call to be “Cellular”, Gtalk or Skype.

Follow the whole thread here, there are some bug fixes mentioned too!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found other changes!

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5 thoughts on “N900 PR1.2 Update”

  1. I personally very disappointed with PR1.2. As a major firmware which delayed more than 3 months (supposing being released in Feb), the update is indeed very disappointing. These are the reasons,

    1. I love the old virtual keyboard. IMO, the new virtual keyboard is not suitable for me, the buttons are small and Nokia should provide us 2 options for the virtual keyboard so that people like me can always revert back to the old one.

    2. QStarDict can't detect the dictionaries anymore. I haven't try to reconfigure it but at the moment it doesn't work.

    3. Home and Network data counter. I'm not sure how it works but it certainly doesn't works well for me. All the while I was monitoring my data plan, but now the data plan widget doesn't work anymore and the data counter was reseted. That's a serious problem for me.

    4. Laggy video, not sure why but it lags when starting a video.

    5. Nothing special to play with…. and Speed is not significantly increased.

    I think I better switch to Andriod Fyoro 2.2. At least it has almost everything N900 has, including Flash Player 10.1… :(

  2. yeah i feel your pain! imho, there's a lotta stuff missing.. i got used to the soft keyboard, but they should've put in portrait viewing too. i guess it's just a matter of time..

  3. I too miss the old vitual keyboard. I hate the number layout in this version.
    Email function is heaps slower, it takes ages to 'find' the inbox.
    If the screen switches off, the phone automatically locks itself.. rather annoying.
    Im absolutely loving the new back button on the browser though.

  4. Yup.. Long press the back button to get preview of previously visited pages… As for the email, switch to using nokia messaging.. faster loads..

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