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Tuesday 20th, October 2009 / 13:19 Written by

Here are some videos which show the features of the Nokia N900 which is going to be in the markets shortly.

In this video the thenokiablog takes us on a tour of the N900’s email client:

A walkthrough of the N900’s web browser – this just looks amazing – a full fledged browser instead of the dumbed-down version on the Symbian platform:

The N900’s multitasking capabilities – it just does it with ease:

P2P downloads an movie playback:

I for one am eagerly waiting for the N900 to be released so that I can switch to it. The sheer processing power on the phone is amazing allowing it to multitask with ease and the browser on the phone is a good replacement for the desktop. No more mobile only sites or dumbed down sites for the phone.

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