N97 and N97 Mini get Firmware Updates

Both the N97 and the N97 Mini got firmware updates recently. The N97 was n97v21firmbumped from v20.0.019 to v21.0.045 (or 21.2.045 for some product codes).

The update brings a few improvements, including:

  • Improved call reliability
  • Smooth touch screen scrolling
  • Browser improvements
  • Music player improvements
  • Improved image and video stability

It was available through the Nokia Software updater tool and should be available OTA now.

The N97 Mini too got a firmware update, from v10.0.020 to v11.0.045. This seems to be a minor update with a few bug fixes, and more free ram on startup.

Do let us know if you noticed any other changes.

[Via ZOMG its CJ]

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