N97 on Auto Destruct – Handle your Camera Cover with care

I noticed a few horizontal lines across the glass covering the camera lens of my N97 last week. I didn’t think much of it till today thinking that I must have done something wrong to cause them. I did check with the Nokia service people who said that they’ll get back to me regarding this problem, making me think that this was an isolated case.

Today there seems to be a buzz about this problem across the internet, and I’m not the only one facing this problem. There have been twitter conversations (an example) from people having the same issue with their phones. There’s even a blog post at NokiaUsers – Nokia N97 Self Harming? Check your N97’s Main Camera Glass which point out others with these scratches.

The camera cover which is supposed to be protecting the camera is doing just the opoosite. I just noticed that the location of scratches on my phone causes photos taken with the flash having a wash-out on the right side of the photos. Irritating ! On top of having a hyped up camera, I have to now put up with this !

For a phone which costs as much as the N97, it’s really surprising that Nokia is cutting corners having a plain plastic piece protecting the premium Carl Zeiss 5MP camera. Where’s the scratch proof glass which is supposed to be here? I’m sure people who’ve paid a bomb for this phone are going to be really ticked off that this is happening to their pricey possession.

Photo from Howardforums member TekYodi showing his White N97 Scratch

Tip: For users who still haven’t developed these scratches on your camera, use the camera cover with care. Don’t use too much pressure while opening and closing it, and keep the general area clean to prevent dust particles from scratching the glass when you operate the camera cover.

I’ll keep you updated on the response of the Nokia people once they get back to me regarding the complaint I placed on this problem. Will they replace this piece or will I have to live with this? Your guess?

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