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The never ending thirst for content is satisfied to an extent by some of the apps on iOS. These apps make it easier to to consume what really matters, i.e. taking you away from the clutter of advertisements and allowing you to appreciate the textual matter, images and videos that matter.

Flipboard has been around for quite some time now but is still high up in the popularity charts. The magazine style of display of content – be it content of your Facebook feed or that of a popular blog, it does well to look like a magazine.

On installation, the first thing you notice about the app is that it is beautiful. It is simply a great way to consume content. The cover page keeps animating with the latest from the different sections and keeps it interesting!

Flipboard calls itself the “Social Magazine”. And rightly so. You will be asked to enter the credentials (username/passwords) of popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, on installation of the app. If you skip this, do not worry, you can add them later at your convenience. A personal magazine is created from the Twitter and Facebook updates. Though not a full fledged social networking application, we can still perform most of the regular activities like retweeting, commenting and liking a post from within the app. That apart, you can also select your favourite sites, RSS feeds, sites like – Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and add them as sections or tiles. The section or tile, as you would like to call it, leads to the reading area. Also, the most popular articles in Flipboard in each section are highlighted. The user interface is clean and interactions are seamless.

Apart from these, you can choose to create Flipboard accounts so that family and friends who share an iPad can have their own personalised content delivered to them.

Final Thoughts

The Flipboard app for the iPad is a visually pleasing, beautiful and seamless way to consume content from the Internet. From my personal experience, I can say that with Flipboard, I have never been bored. And the best thing of all, it is completely free! So go on, download it from here! Check out the gallery below for more shots of the app in action.


Update: Flipboard is now available on the iPhone too! Read more about it, over here.

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