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Pulse, for the iPad, by Alphonso Labs converts your news into a mosaic of tiles that are easily navigable.

App Footprint
The app sizes rarely matter these days due to the massive amounts of storage available on IOS devices. Personally, I care about them and I find that Pulse version – 2.7.1 at 6.6 MB, sits pretty.

User experience
The top navigation allows you to jump different categories. The scrolling in each category is intuitive and access to individual news tiles is easy. In the vertical view, the complete screen is available as reading area. In the horizontal, however, only half the screen is used as the reading screen. I found this inconvenient, but depends on individual’s preferences. So this could work for you. In the vertical view, you can pull up the source of the current article and read other articles from the same feed source, which is convenient.

We can select from a range of news content sources from an intuitive screen. There are preselected sets of links from particular categories initially. You can add your preferred sources on the way. You can also add Google reader, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Content access
Content can be saved and access later by you. “Pulse .me” – Save and read later feature allows you to create an account. This will also allow reading across devices. Considering that the Pulse is available for iPhone, Android and iPad, you can easily have articles marked for reading later, and read them on a device of your choice. Sharing is made easy with Facebook, twitter buttons and sharing via email.

User customizations
As of version 1.7.1, you can change the font through Settings App. i.e, Settings -> Pulse News -> Font Size. This changes the font size in the reading screen only.

Final thoughts
Few of the articles are viewable only in the “Web” view. This is more to do with how and what is shared in the feed by the source and not an issue with the app itself. That apart, you cannot zoom-in in the reading screen. It would have been a nice feature to have. It does not have the smart recommendations of the Zite iPad app.

Pulse for the iPad, is a good news reader app, and does well in most fronts. If you are looking for an app to provide a good reading experience across your devices, this is the app for you!

Pulse for the iPad is completely free. Click here to try it for yourself!

News on the iPad is a mini-series of posts about various fun & easy news and feed readers for the iPad.

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