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Livestand is the magazine app from Yahoo!. In their own words –

Livestand is your living magazine app from Yahoo!, where the news and stories you care about come to life with visually stunning photos and videos.

App Footprint

As of version, the size of the app is 35.2 MB. The app has a larger footprint compared to the likes of Flipboard, Pulse, etc. Not that app sizes really matter these days but that is something I always look at before downloading any app from the app store.

User experience

The app has a beautiful and clean interface. The emphasis is mainly on beautiful images and clean reading spaces. The navigation takes some time to get used to, however.

As soon as the installation is complete and you click into the app for the first time, it takes you to a screen with  – “My Library” and “Featured on Livestand” sections. The User switch screen, settings and other primary navigation is tucked in vertically in the left of the screen. I liked the way the the content sources scrolls in the “Featured on Livestand” section. Gives you a wow experience.  Nicely executed.


The Livestand app is a good way to showcase the “content” from Yahoo! Properties. Popular online destinations like Yahoo! Shine, Yahoo! News, Gizmodo are few of the sources from a wide variety that is present for consumption in this app.

User customizations

“Guest mode” provides you with access to most of the features. If you do want the content to be personalised, it makes sense to have an account. Once logged in, an user can save stuff into “In my library”. You can also bookmark any source for later reads. These are available to you in “Personal Mix” of “My Library” section. You can explore different sources and add them to your library.

Apart from ability to add multiple user accounts and to use the “guest mode” when needed, the app really does not offer many customizations. There is no way to change or set font sizes.

Final thoughts

What you will like
  • No clutter and no-nonsense approach in the reading area.
  • You do not need to have an account to access most of the features in the app.
What is missing
  • No ecosystem of apps. Only available on the iPad. It would be nice to have Livestand across iPhone, Android and Windows devices.
  • Though not a big issue, you have to spend some time with the app to get a hold of the navigation. It is very much different from other popular newsreader apps.
  • Cannot add or access Facebook, Twitter accounts like most of the other news apps. It is not a social reader app but rather a news app only.
  • Not available in all stores as of yet.

I played around with the app in the last few days. I personally feel that though the app is great, it would be difficult to move people away from Zite or Flipboard. You can install it and give it a shot and perhaps you will stick with it. Livestand for the iPad is completely free. Click here to try it for yourself!

Disclosure : I am an ex employee of Yahoo!

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