News360 – Multiplatform News app for Tablets and Phones

It learns from your cloud and uses semantic analysis to inform  you on major ongoing events and give you content that is relevant just for you.”

News360 is a news app which collects stories from different news sites and presents you these stories in a more visual and nicer style. The app analyzes your Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and Google Reader accounts and the way you use the app, with your permission. Then it tries to bring you more relevant news.

When you first run the app, it briefly tells you about how to use it. You can change the story you read by swiping right and left. And tapping on the story opens the detailed story. On the top right side of the screen, you can see four icons. The first one is to filter the news for your location. I tried that, it found my place and brought the news related to my city and country. That was brilliant. The second one is the search icon. When you search a keyword, the stuff related to your keyword is included in the results too. And under the results, the most relevant articles are listed for you to tap and read. The third icon is for settings obviously. This is also where you connect your social accounts to the app. After that, you will be ready to share articles. There are five sites you can connect the app: Facebook, Twitter, ReadItLater, Instapaper and TripIt. You can also send feedback and gain more information about the app in this screen. The last icon on the top right side of the screen is a star for your favorites. It doesn’t add articles to your favorites; it shows the favorites you added before.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a menu which you can tap and open. You can see My Stories and News here. In My Stories, you can add categories to be added to My Stories. Just tap My Stories, and then tap “Add More”. You can search and add the topics you want here. News shows the categories. You can see the articles on a certain category by tapping on it.

When you tap the story you want to read, it opens a new page. On the top of the screen, there are 5 icons now. First one brings you back to main screen. The second one marks the important people, places and organizations in the article when it is activated. You can tap on the marked text and get information about it. The third one changes the size of the font, there are three options. The fourth one is to share the article on your social network accounts and the last one is to add the article to your favorites. When you swipe down the page, you can see that it gives a link to the source and gives more links related to the story. You can tap them and read the full article from their website. It doesn’t open the browser and shows the full article directly, which is cool.

News360 has a widget for you to put on your home screen and read articles. The widget is pretty simple. When you first add it, it asks you to choose a category to be shown in the widget. You can change the category later by tapping on the gearwheel symbol on the top right side of the widget.

The tablet version, apart from being bigger, has a “360 view” option. Which is basically a 360 degree carousel with snapshots floating around. You can tap on one, and that article will be brought to the foreground, where you can chose to open and read it. It is a MUST have if you have a tablet.

Check out the gallery below for more shots of the app.

You can download News360 from the Android Market. The tablet version is here and the phone version is here. It is also available for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Playbook, Android at the moment. You can find the iPhone app at iTunes, here, and the iPad app, here. The Playbook version is available in the Blackberry App World, here. You can download the Windows Phone 7 app, here.  And do visit the News360 webpage, where they have a Web App for Desktops in development,

For those who want to keep updated about the events around them, News360 is a very good app. Categories, filtering stories by your location, adding to your favorites, searching for particular topics… If you want to keep updated, this should be the way of doing so.

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