NewsHunt: Your Newspaper on your phone

NewsHunt by Eterno Infotech is a new application that brings to your phone Scr000108quite a number of India’s top daily and regional language newspapers. It has been developed with the normal user in mind, and hence will work over any standard GRPS connection (you do not need a Mobile Office subscription) and uses minimal data to fetch your content.

The application works on most s60 and s60 touch devices and there is a Java application for s40 devices, so no one is left out. Once you open the application, you are given a list of available newspapers from which to choose. You can then select all the different sections of the paper that you would want to download (such as Headlines, City, Sports, Entertainment, etc) and save that preference. You can also enable images in each article, though as default it has been disabled to reduce the data usage. The application is very easy to use, and you can easily scroll through the different news items and sections. It also renders regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu perfectly on your device, so you have access to quite a few regional language newspapers. Once minimized, a ticker appears on your home screen. The ticker on s60 touch phones is a floating one, and you can drag it anywhere on your home screen. NewsHunt also provides live cricket updates. The team plans to have regular updates adding new features and more papers.

NewsHunt can be downloaded by sending hunt to 57333, or by navigating to their site ( on your mobile device. You can also download it off Ovi Store, here. NewsHunt is a must have application for mobile users. Click through the gallery below for more screen shots of the application.

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  1. News Hunt is a cool application . I use it on a regular basis . best thing about them is support for multilingual content and Ticker . Infact I blogged about it sometime back .

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