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Are you one of those people who can’t get enough of you newspapers where ever you go? Or do you miss your favourite newspaper when you’re travelling out of the country?

Here’s an app which can give you your news fix with your morning coffee, wherever you may be. Get the latest newspapers from around the globe at the tip if you fingers using Pressreader. This application is available on a large range of devices. All the Apple devices iPhone, iPad and iPod are covered, as are the Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 5 devices. Windows Phone 7 and Symbian are notably missing from the list. If you are the unlucky owners of a mobile device which is not supported, fret not! PressReader is available for the desktop as well, with both a  Windows and Mac version.

You can buy and download newspapers from around the globe using this app, if you login into the app using a pressdisplay account, you can access the same subscriptions on multiple devices. The iOS and Android app give you the option to try the service for free by giving 7 downloads free. Once you go over that, you’ll have to subscribe to premuim plan where you can pay as you go, and pay for each download, or go for a monthly subscription plan. You can take a look at the plans on their site here.

I first started using this app on my Android device and then rediscovered it on the iPad. The app allows you to search through more than 1700 newspapers from around the world. I was actually quite impressed that they had more than 60 newspapers from India, including local language papers. You can download an issue to your device and then read it on the move. If you have a monthly subscription, you can also get the app to auto-download the latest editions every day.

Personally I prefer using Pressreader on a tablet device, since the smaller mobile screens are way too cramped for a newspaper layout. If you’re busy with your breakfast and coffee, you can also have the app read out the news for you. It works fine for most of the content, but occasionally does fumble with acronyms and names in the news article.

One downside to the app is that their subscription plans may work well with International newspapers, but end up being way too costly for Indian newspapers. Their cost per issue is the same irrespective of the newpaper, so an Indian Issue costs the same as an international newspaper. An example is a subscription to Times of India costs me around Rs.100/month from my local newspaper vendor. If I wanted a one month subscription on a Pay as you go plan on PressReader, it would cost me a whopping Rs. 1335 per month. You can go for monthly subscriptions to bring down that cost. Their different plans work out if you’re looking a fast and easy access to International newspapers as soon as they’re published. I’m still sticking to my newspaper vendor for my daily fix of Indian news.

To download PressReader and try it out, click here, or just scroll down the page after the screenshots.

Here are some screenshots of the app in action on the iPad (click on the image for a larger view):


Press Reader on Android ( screenshots taken from a Samsung Galaxy S):

Download Links for PressReader:
iPhone/iPod/iPad users: Click here to download from iTunes.
Android mobile and tablet users: Click here to download from Android Market.
Blackberry Users: Click to download from App World.
Windows Mobile 5 Users: Download the .cab files from PressReader’s site.
Desktop – Windows and Mac users: Download the PressReader software from their site.

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