Nokia 5233 – Final Roundup

We’ve had the Nokia 5233 for a while now and its about time we gave you a list of the things we liked as well as disliked.

First up the things we didn’t particularly like about the 5233.

Removing the SIM card– Putting the SIM card in the 5233 is quite simple, taking it out though is another story altogether(as is the case with the 5800). You need to remove the rear panel, the battery and the stylus, then use the stylus to gently coerce the SIM out of the phone. This procedure is quite a pain especially if you have multiple SIM cards. There has to be a simpler alternative to this process, hopefully this will be addressed at some point for  future models.

Removing the sim card is quite tedious.

The Media key– Like the 5800 the 5233 has a dedicated media key at the right hand corner above the screen. It manages to reduce the clutter on the homescreen and makes accessing your music,  the web and your images very easy. But unlike on the 5800 it isn’t illuminated,I was totally oblivious to the button for the first day.  Its such a neat little option to have, unless you already knew it was there you’d miss it completely. The tiny details matter and this is one of them.

Media key has no backlight

No memory card in the box– Well given the extraordinarily low price of the 5233, I can’t really complain about a missing memory card in the box.The phone memory is adequate, but if you want to download Ovi maps onto the phone or store your favorite music on the phone, its quite insufficient. I’d suggest picking up a memory card for the phone(it can support upto 16gb). Another thing that you’ll miss is the micro USB cable which isn’t included in the box.

Makes sense to invest in a MicroSD card

Kinetic Scrolling–  The main menus don’t have kinetic scrolling, but surprisingly the sub menus do. I found this really weird and annoying, for the first few hours at the very least. This is a minor grouse especially since it can be rectified(hopefully) with upcoming software upgrades.

No Auto Focus– The 2Megapixel camera is good enough, works fine in indoors and gets the job done in low light. You won’t really notice the absence of a flash, but for those close up shots you’ll really miss the auto focus.

And now to the things we liked about the 5233.

The Screen – The screen on the 5233 is top notch, it really makes the phone feel like a quality product, it is incredibly vibrant and crisp, the clarity is incredible. Honestly the phone’s screen is miles ahead of Nokia’s current flagship device the N97, which is four times as expensive. The resistive touch screen is incredibly tactile and offers good feedback.  It manages to keep itself quite free from smudges, and even if they do happen to show up you’d hardly notice them.

The screen is just brilliant.

The Battery Life- The 1320mAh Bl-5J battery has a decent backup, with heavy usage it held out for over a day and a half  on a single charge. When stretched out it lasted almost four days. I’d say with normal usage the 5233 should last two days on a single charge without much trouble.

The Recessed Camera Lens– The 5233 is built exactly like the Nokia 5800XpressMusic with the camera at the back. There isn’t a lens cover for the camera, instead the lens of the 5233 is recessed and protects it really well. You’d have to be pretty talented to scratch the lens with normal use.

Recessed Camera Lens a boon

Wrapping it all up I’d say the Nokia 5233 is an excellent phone. The features on offer at the price are incredible. At no point does it feel cheap, it has a real quality feel to it, sure there have been a few bits trimmed out to fit the price bracket.  This is after all a budget touch phone, and that has to be taken into consideration.  If you’re on a budget and want a touch screen smart phone look no further, the 5233 is what you need.

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