Nokia 5233 – First Impressions

After unboxing the the 5233 and turning it on, the first thing that’ll grab your attention is the screen.The clarity of the 3.2′ screen is quite impressive. Colours are vibrant and well defined and it does betray its modest price tag especially when compared to the screen of the N97. Budget phone it may be, but the screen quality of the N97 pales in comparison.

Scrolling through the menus you’ll find the lack of kinetic scrolling quite irritating, but magically kinetic scrolling is present is the sub-menus, so brace yourself for a considerable amount of confusion for the first few hours of usage. Hopefully firmware upgrades in the future will include kinetic scrolling throughout the interface.The menu transitions are incredibly neat and subtle, with applications sliding away or collapsing gently, its a a small visual detail but does add to the experience of the 5233 and manages to never get irritating. As good as the screen is it does suffer a bit in bright sunlight, though this can be remedied to a certain extent by shifting a brighter theme. The screen is pretty resistant to fingerprints, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it often.

Home Screen and Menu

The body of the 5233 follows the traditional monoblock design and is shaped exactly like the Nokia 5800. The volume rockers are flush, and unfortunately feel and feedback from them is a bit limited. It would’ve been better if they were protruding a bit to aid adjusting the volume. The dedicated camera key sticks out a bit, which  makes it easy to access. The slide to lock/unlock button lies in between the volume rockers and the camera key.

Volume Rockers,Camera Key and Slide to lock/unlock

The rear panel feels a bit cheap when compared to the other panels the phone, and it houses the 2 megapixel camera. The camera lens is recessed, so you won’t have to worry about scratches especially since there isn’t a lens cover.On the left hand side you have the slots for the sim card and the microSD memory card. Quite honestly they don’t seem very sturdy so be gentle while using them. On top you have the slot for the micro usb cable(which isn’t supplied!),the charging port, the slot for the 3.5 mm jack and the power button.

Charging port, slot for 3.5mm jack, lot for micro usb connector and the Power button

The 2 mega pixel camera seems quite inadequate, not because of the resolution but because it has no auto-focus, even the absence of a flash is acceptable. You’ll be able to get good shots during the day, but the camera suffers in low light conditions, and i struggled to get any decent close up shots.

GPS! I really expected the phone to have GPS, the 5230 had GPS, fine they lopped off its WiFi and 3G capabilites to make it more affordable in its 5233 guise, but GPS is really cool and a definite selling point. Running through the User guide confused me as well because of the diagram showing where the GPS antenna was/is  :S , anyway back to the point. The 5233 does not have real GPS,but it does have network based GPS.

No true GPS!

To sum it up the Nokia 5233 definitely has its inadequacies and shortcomings, but its price is a redeeming factor. For around Rs. 7500 you get an excellent touch phone, with a beautiful screen. Nokia seems to have a winner on their hands, even though most buyers will definitely miss GPS.

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  1. i feel cheated after buying 5233. on the box nowhere it is written that it is not 3g enabled. Can i fit chip of 5800 or 5230 in this to get 3g enabled platform.please help me

  2. i feel cheated after buying 5233. on the box nowhere it is written that it is not 3g enabled. Can i fit chip of 5800 or 5230 in this to get 3g enabled platform.please help me

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