Nokia 5233 – Music and Camera

Coming to the music, Nokia doesn’t classify as the XpressMusic phone. Nevertheless it seems to function as one, it has the dedicate media key just above the screen making it easier to access the web, images and music. The loud speaker situated on the left hand side on the device isn’t stereo and isn’t very loud, quality is mediocre at best. the headphones supplied with the phone are quite sufficient and maintain audio integrity. The only thing you’ll miss on the headphones is a music control option, even more the volume control on the headphones is missing. I’d have though volume control would’ve been a minimum requirement for any phone with headphones.

The media player on the 5233 is the standard player as with most Nokia devices so you won’t have any problems navigating your way through the menus. Creating your own playlists is a real breeze, so mixing and matching is never an issue. To fully utilise the music capabilities of the phone you will need to pick up a microSD memory card, the phone memory is simply not large enough to hold more than a couple of songs. You can extend the phone’s storage using microSD cards upto 16 GB.

There is only one camera on the 5233 and you won’t miss a forward facing camera on the phone, especially since it doesn’t have 3G or WiFi capabilities. The 2 megapixel camera is good enough for daytime shots, and the 5233 doesn’t have a flash. But what you’ll really miss is the auto focus, trying to take any close up shots is just impossible. The saving grace on the 5233 when it comes to imaging is the screen. You’ll really be able to enjoy the shots you’ve taken because the screen quality is exceptional.  The camera comes with usual adjustable camera settings like ISO, white balance and exposure to name a few. The camera lens is recessed so you won’t have to worry about any scratches on it. It also comes with a self timer, but the only way to balance the camera on a flat surface is by putting the phone upside down, a minor nit pick, the i’m sure the more industrious will be able to figure out way to counter it.

I’ve put up a  small gallery of snaps taken on the 5233 with varying conditions.

Indoors with Bright Lighting
Outdoors with Bright Lighting
Close up shots turn out quite blurry
Indoors with Bright Lighting
Indoors with Low Lighting

Let me know if i’ve missed anything in this part of the review. Also, do let us know what else you would like to see.

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