Nokia 8800 Gold Arte Review

nokia 8800 gold arteStarting the review with a warning for all the mobile geeks, its a phone made for the looks and not totally for the features. So don’t go through the entire review if you need the multimedia loaded interface in this phone.
The phone is plated externally with Gold which does not rust, and does not easily lose the shine given when scratched. Nokia Arte has always been good with the external looks and it continues with the Gold version after the Sapphire and Carbon models.

The multimedia roughly is explained by OLED screen, 3G, the 3-megapixel camera and 4GB of internal memory. It is powered with Series 40 OS.

The phone externally has 18-carat gold plating, and genuine white leather padding, and so the high price. And that’s why i already said, its not a phone for mobile geeks who do not always go for the looks and pay for it.
The phone measures 109 x 45.6 x 14.6 mm and the phone weighs 150 gms. The design of the phone is not at all changed from the earlier versions and the screen size is of 2″ size and the 4 control keys along with the D-pad on the upper surface which does not hide when the slider is closed down.

The leather cover on the keypad cover slide, is white and when its tapped twice, an analogue clock appears on the phone screen. There is a power key on the top of the phone which can help in switching through the ringing profiles. The mouthpiece and microUSB port are both located on the bottom of the phone, and the same microUSB port can be used to connect to the charger.

Phone interface: As said, the phone has nothing special in the interface and any Xpressmusic or basic smartphone user of Nokia would easily understand what the interface might be. There is a list of default themes which can change good colors in the phone but still, nothing too much special to talk about the interface of the phone.

The phone has a Li-ion battery and the battery life is good enough with talk time of 200 minutes if continuously used.

Camera: Perhaps its become a style to exclude the flash option in every smart looking phone, even the iPhone does not have the flash and the 8800 Gold Arte lacks flash. Still capturing photos and videos is possible through the 3-megapixel camera of the phone.

Other features: There is no option for a memory card addition as there is no extra card slot, and also there is no Wi-Fi for fast web browsing.
And the normal web browsing can be done through Opera Mini 4.2 mobile browser.

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