Nokia Bots – A Quick Glance

One of the newest apps available at the BetaLabs site is Nokia Bots.

At the moment, Nokia Bots include four handy add-ons:

  • Profile Bot helps you by automating  profile changes during meetings.
  • Alarm Bot learns at what time you usually wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes nightly.
  • Shortcut Bot provides quick access to your most frequently used applications. Your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.
  • Battery Bot lets you know if your battery needs to be charged in the evening before you go to sleep.

The Shortcut Bot seems to be quite intuitive, but if you have your shortcuts organized according to your use invariably the Bot just seems to mirror them. Not really an issue since the app allows for flexibility and updates quite fast as well. I would’ve liked it if i had more control over what apps to display: eg- The sim startup  seems to count as an app so it shows up in the Shortcut Bot Tab.

Unfortunately the Profile Bot and the Alarm Bot are still in the learning phase so i guess they’ll need a few more days to get used to my erratic schedule.

The Battery Bot hangs around in the background and pops up when you need to charge your phone.

Honestly at first i seemed a bit hesitant about how useful the app would be, but after two days of use i seem to be using the Shortcut Bot more than my regular shortcuts.

The app is still in the Experimental Phase so there’ll definitely be a lot more in the pipeline. The options in the future for bots are limitless, so hopefully its just a matter of time before more Nokia Bots a launched.

You can read more about Nokia Bots at Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia Blog over here.

Nokia Bots currently works only with the Nokia N97 and the N97 mini, you can try it out by downloading it from the BetaLabs site over here.

A bit off-topic i wonder when we’ll be able to get this bot. Its the Nokia N93i from the Transformers movie.

Think Transformers
A Nokia Bot not yet Available

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