Nokia C5 – Final Roundup

We’ve had the C5 for well over ten days now, and its been put through its paces. The moment you open up the box the phone has promise, the screen is very clear, it feels solid and it’s incredibly sleek and slim.

Build Quality: The C5 has a solid feel to it, the keys on the keypad offer good feedback and are large enough for easy typing. The numpad keys are also slightly raised individually, making it easier to type/dial on the go. Finally, the Memory card slot has a hinge which doesn’t threaten to fall off every time you open it.

The buttons are tactile and well spread out.

The battery case is a beautiful stainless steel cover with a brushed finish. i was really impressed by the battery cover, but after a weeks worth of usage i noticed a lot of  tiny scuff and scratches on it even though the phone hadn’t been dropped even once. Guess The battery cover isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. :P

Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

I also noticed that volume rockers aren’t the most comfortable to use – they seem to be positioned too low and are quite recessed. The D-pad is a dust collector and is quite a pain to clean.

Small pin charging point, Micro Usb port, 3.5mm jack
Small pin charging point, Micro Usb port, 3.5mm jack

The C-5 has two charging points both located on the top of the phone along side the 3.5mm jack. This is a good idea because the wires never interfere with your hands while charging or if the headphone jack is in.

Menu: We have the standard fare S60 menu, with List, Grid Horseshoe and V-shaped menu options. The Grid option seems the most practical layout, its unlikely you’d use the others too often.

Music Player: Once again the standard music player as on all S60 devices, the C5 isn’t classified as an XpressMusic phone but the speaker quality is sufficient, though it does get tinny at higher volumes. One good thing is that even though the speaker is on the back of the phone it doesn’t gets muffled even if its laid on its back.

General Usage: I had no issues with the call quality of the Nokia C-5, the standard headphones are quite useful and comfortable. The Battery lasted 3-4 days while on roaming, and I think even with GPRS being used constantly the phone will easily last 2 days.

One major grouse i had with the C5 is the poor visibility it had in sunlight, with darker themes it’s virtually impossible to see anything on the screen. The only option is to switch to a lighter theme and squint.

Thank God for real GPS!
Thank God for real GPS!

The Nokia C-5 DOES come with integrated GPS, making it the cheapest Nokia with true GPS capabilities. which really is a selling point for the phone.


  • Price-  At around  8000 INR this is definitely a good buy, looks classy as well
  • Decent camera, with a good LED flash
  • Solid build
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life (2-3 days)
  • slim and compact


  • Screen visibility is abysmal in sunlight, couple that with a darker theme and its pretty much useless
  • No WiFi
  • No auto focus
  • The cool stainless steel battery cover is prone to scratches even with careful use

For a little more you could get the E63 with similar capabilities with WiFi ,a qwerty keyboard but no GPS. For slightly less you’d get the Touch based 5233 and 5230 phones.

All said and done the Nokia C5 is a good phone, for the price it is excellent and if it’s in your budget, buy it.

That’s all for now, please do let us know if we missed anything out.

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