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The Nokia  C5 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera along with a single LED flash, unfortunately there isn’t any auto focus, so you will struggle to get ant macro shots.Even with the LED flash the camera does suffer in low light conditions, So its best to stick to daylight shots which are more than 30cm away. The secondary camera can be used for for images as well as video.

The Primary camera has no lens cover, but is recessed so you won’t have to worry about scratches. The LED flash is a decent distance from the lens so there isn’t any  fear of the flash blurring the photographs.

The lack of a dedicated camera key is rather annoying ,especially since all the main camera functions are controlled by the same key that is used to capture images. But this is more a matter of getting used to that particular function.

Image Mode: The camera on the Nokia C5 is quite basic, you can choose between 3 different resolutions for images, (3M,2M and 0.3M).  The scene modes are your standard fare, with one customizable setting in which you can preset colour tone, white balance, flash and exposure.

One of the cooler features of the C5’s camera is the sequence mode, in which you have the standard multishot ability where you can keep taking shots in a sequence until the memory runs out. The feature of sequence mode is that you can configure the camera to take a shot every 10 seconds, or 30 seconds upto time increments of half an hour, perfect for  capturing sunsets or long drives. You’d have to figure out the image compilation after you transfer the pictures onto the computer, but nevertheless this definitely is a good addition to the list of functions the C5’s camera has.

I’ve just added a few shots i took under varying light conditions.

Daylight, Automatic mode
Daylight, Bright Light, Automatic mode
Indoor, Low light ,Flash
Indoor, Low light ,Flash
Outdoor , Low Light , No Flash
Outdoor , Low Light , No Flash
Low Light, Adjusted White balance
Low Light, Adjusted White balance

Panorama Mode: The panorama mode on the C5 is quite effective, Nokia seems to have upgraded the software. The mode is quite useful you, but you’ll have to keep a steady hand. Though i have to add trying to use this feature while on the move  renders it pretty much useless.

Panorama Horizontal
Panorama Vertical

One thing missing is the inability to adjust the image size or quality. Though honestly you won’t need to figure out how to use the panorama mode, the phone handles almost everything by itself.

Panorama Horizontal
Panorama Horizontal
Video Mode: The video Function on the C5 is pretty straight forward. The scene modes are limited to just Automatic and Night. For colour tones you have options of Normal, Sepia, Black & white ,Vivid and Negative, each comes with a preview option.The LED flash can be configure to be switched on permanently while a video is being shot. The setting for white balance can also be configured. There are 3 video quality sizes so the only thing limiting you is the size of your memory card.
All in all the C5 has a sufficient camera, The flash is a welcome addition for a phone of this price. The missing auto focus turns out to be quite a pain, but once again given the price it can be justified. The panorama mode works like a charm, as does the time lapse option.
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  1. no you are saying wrong in every new phone we can turn off the camera sound but in nokia c5 don’t have the facility :-/

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