Nokia CEO says: “More than 50 million Symbian^3 devices”

So we all know that Symbian^4 is going to be coming sometime soon

What does that mean for Symbian^3 in general, and the “soon to be launched but we’re not yet there” Nokia N8? Well, not much according to Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. Here’s what he had to say over at Nokia Conversations, the official Nokia Blog.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Starting with the N8, Nokia aims to ship more than 50 million Symbian^3 devices in the coming years, alongside devices using other versions of the Symbian OS.

“The feedback from operators on the N8 and Symbian^3 has been very good,” he said. “The Nokia N8 will have a user experience superior to that of any smartphone Nokia has produced. I’m optimistic that the N8 will be the first step towards overcoming the challenges we face at the high end of our portfolio.”

OPK and Timo explained that the N8 and Symbian^3 mark a change in the way Nokia creates smartphones. For one thing, the approach is a lot more software-centric, which should make product development easier. For another, Symbian^3 will also be much more uniform across different phones than has been the case with previous Symbian releases. This spells good news for developers (and the people that use their applications) since they will be able to more easily create apps that work across the whole family.

To finish off, OPK touched on the role of Symbian and MeeGo in Nokia’s portfolio. In his words: “Symbian is about leveraging scale and expanding the smartphone category to cover a broad mass market footprint. In contrast, MeeGo is about leveraging speed and agility to create industry leading flagship solutions. Symbian and MeeGo have different sweet spots. We intend to capitalize on the unique strengths of each platform.” “

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What do you think? What’s the future of Symbian & Nokia going to be, especially considering their current state? They’re still leading the smartphone world, in terms of market share at least!

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