Nokia debuts X3 with 'Touch and Type'

Nokia has just announced the launch of their latest device, the X3. This device features a touch screen as well as a regular 12 button phone keypad, giving users best of both worlds. This is also aimed at the budget market with an indicative cost of €125 (around Rs. 7500) excluding taxes.

The X3 runs an updated Symbian Series 40 OS and features both 3G and WiFi connectivity. Other key features of the Nokia X3:

  • Touch and type functionality, featuring a 2.4”QVGA, up to 262K colors capable display
  • Slim design with brushed aluminum coverin trendy colors
  • 3G, HSPA, and most importantly Wifi for fast and cheap data access
  • Dedicated music key for instant music player access
  • Dedicated messaging key for direct access to SMS/MMS
  • Email (Ovi Mail, Windows Live mail / Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail + local ISP) & IM (Ovi Chat, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk) with Nokia Messaging
  • Facebook and Twitter with Communities client
  • Download thousands of apps and games from Ovi Store
  • 5 Megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • FM Radio

In selected markets, the X3 will come with Ovi Music Unlimited, allowing users to access to a library of over 11 million tracks. Nokia Conversations says that the X3 will initially be available in China, Ireland & UK, Russia, Australia & New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Spain & Portugal, France, Mexico and Saudi & Yemen, with other markets following later.

Learn more about the X3 from Nokia press release, right after this video on the X3.

Espoo, Finland – In a move to continue driving innovation in its market leading mobile phone range, Nokia today unveils the super slim Nokia X3 Touch and Type, with a unique combination of a touch screen and traditional 12 button phone keypad.  As Nokia’s first ‘Touch and Type’ phone, the Nokia X3 allows people to tap quickly on the bright color touch screen, as well as enjoy the familiarity of the full keypad for quick fire text messages and phone calls.  Expected to be on sale in the third quarter, the Nokia X3 is expected to retail for approximately EUR 125, excluding taxes and subsidies.

“Innovation is not just a high-end game. The Nokia X3 is a great example of bringing new consumer value to lower price points,” said Mary McDowell, Executive Vice President of Mobile Phones at Nokia.

“With the Nokia X3 we are giving consumers the best of both worlds by combining a touch screen and a keypad in an affordable device. We have given people a larger screen with clear icons and menus plus kept critical keys such as the send and end keys. We’ve also added dedicated function keys for important links like music and text messaging,” she said.

“We have designed the Nokia X3 to be a touch and type device because typing is ideal for SMS and social networking where fast and frequent input is needed, while touch is ideal for functions such as setting alarms, smooth browsing and controlling applications like music and games.

“Our research tells us consumers who have invested years in becoming fast one-handed, one-thumb texters want to maintain their speedy edge for SMS, chat and instant messaging – yet enjoy the benefits of touch as well,” continued McDowell.

With its sleek and modern design coming in at a very thin 9.6mm – making it one of the slimmest Nokia phones ever – the Nokia X3 slips easily into the purse or the pocket, and looks the part with its brushed aluminum back cover which will come in five vibrant colors designed to suit any mood or wardrobe.

Despite its size, the Nokia X3 is jam-packed with features including 3G, WLAN, a music player and an FM radio.

Lovers of the snapshot and social networks will enjoy a great 5 megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom that can take both still and video images.

The Nokia X3 also features dedicated music and messaging keys allowing fast access to important Ovi services including social and entertainment applications.  In addition to Ovi Mail, people’s favorite consumer email and chat accounts can be pushed direct to the phone via Nokia Messaging.

With a gentle glide over the touch screen people can go online and get access to many services including thousands of apps from Ovi Store. In certain markets, the new phone will also be available with Ovi Music Unlimited, enabling the owner to access a virtually limitless range of the latest hit music that can be stored on the available 16GB memory card.

The Nokia X3 – affordable and accessible touch and type which is simple-to-use and beautifully designed. The Nokia X3 Touch and Type sits alongside the Nokia X3-00, a slider with strong music functionality, which was launched in September 2009.

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3 thoughts on “Nokia debuts X3 with 'Touch and Type'”

  1. Up to now, I have always preferred my primary communication device to have a keypad. I love the one handed ability and can go really fast with T9 (I could go faster if my current N95 8gb’s T9 memory remembered words better so I didn’t have to keep typing them in over and over – and also didn’t learn them weird so they replaced my first word in the cycle)

    I also need it to work good. Best so far have been the 8890, 6170 and my current phone, the N95 8gb. I have sent back the N79 and N85 for having a harder to work w/ keypad. .

    But I think I need a pull out keyboard now for the more detailed stuff I’m writing on my phone more and more. I really would like a Nokia w/ something like this on the front and a pull out keyboard too.

    By being s40 though, I’m guessing this means I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the world of apps? My gmail app, my twitter (Gravity by @mobileways , @janole )? If that’s the case then I can’t use this phone.

    I would love for this phone to come to Sprint in the U.S. because I also have a Sprint account I keep as a sort of back-up phone that I leave in my car or at my desk. What I used to do was keep a primary phone (like the ones mentioned above) w/ t-mobile and have my backup sprint as my “PDA” phone (right now it’s the the PPC 6700) but since I can’t upgrade to android or something better w/out losing my really cheap plan, I just want to keep a simple phone on there and make my primary phone the one for my PDA needs.

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