Nokia Digital Design Camp – An overview of the Design Team

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At the Nokia Digital Design Camp a few weeks back, Nikki Barton gave us an overview of the Nokia Digital Design team: how they work, where they work from and what kind of problems they tackle during their work. A lot of it was quite interesting. You can watch all of this in the series of videos right this.

Nikki’s Profile

Name: Nikki Barton
Title: Head of Digital Design
Nikki is heavily influenced by her design and cultural experiences. With 20 years of work in digital interaction worldwide, her experiences are fairly diversified by now. That said, she believes that her training and education has heavily influenced her work throughout her life. She considers solid, good design training as a real advantage. For Nikki, design and user experience are inextricably linked and should not be thought of as separate exercises.

Favorite Nokia design and why?
Nikki’s favorite Nokia design is the Nokia E71 because it feels so good in your hand and is always very impressive to use.

Favorite Nokia icon and why?
She doesn’t have a single favorite Nokia icon, but love the feeling they have together. They have a strong design and an identifiable look that is very Nokia.

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3

Video 3 of 3

We’ve got two more in this series coming up soon, one with Juliana and personalisation of the homescreen and Younghee with gestures. So stay tuned.

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