Nokia drops budget & Symbian Phones for North America. No N9 either

Nokia, which doesn’t have much of a presence in the US or Canada (apart from a few low end budget phones) has decided to pull out from that market. They won’t be selling Symbian phones either (again, not like they sold many). The only Symbian^3 device that I can think of that’s available from a carrier is the Nokia Astound from T-Mobile.

Nokia’s US President, Chris Weber, had this to say:

“When we launch Windows Phones we will essentially be out of the Symbian business, the S40 business, etc. It will be Windows Phone and the accessories around that. The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do (elsewhere).

We’ll develop for North America and make the phones globally available and applicable. In fact, evidence of that is that the first Windows Phones that will ship are being done by our group in San Diego.

Without getting into numbers, it is significantly larger than anything we have done in the past and the most we will invest in any market worldwide. They are putting their money where their mouth is.”


That’s not all folks; Nokia says they won’t be selling the N9 in the US either (when it eventually launches that is). Oh wait, they won’t be selling it in the UK either!

Now, I understand that the focus has shifted to Windows Phone 7. Nokia really needs the Microsoft push (and wallet. Oh and it’s clout with the carriers too). For a device (or a series of devices) to be successful, it has to be available on all possible carriers at an attractive price point, maybe with a decent data/voice tariff too. It’s good to see that Nokia has FINALLY decided to do something about that. The US market would be a HUGE bonus for Nokia and would turn the company around (and prove Stephen Elop right). But what I don’t get is why the N9 isn’t coming to Nokia’s traditional markets. The limited launch “zone” so to speak, doesn’t cover India either.

Well, time will tell. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to what Nokia will bring to the Windows Phone party.

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2 thoughts on “Nokia drops budget & Symbian Phones for North America. No N9 either”

  1. Just hope they do it QUICK and RIGHT NOW. Would like to try out a windows phone but the selections are too limited.

    1. We’re eagerly waiting as well to see how the Nokia and Microsoft partnership develops and to see the quality of the Nokia Windows Phone devices which start coming out in a few months.

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