Nokia E5 Support Videos

Thursday 15th, July 2010 / 18:19 Written by

The Nokia E5 may not be here, yet, but Nokia has gone and put up a whole bunch of “how to” videos.

Wondering what the E5 is about? Check the specs and photos on our post, here.

So here they are:

(Nope, there is no sound.)


Use Voice Guided Navigation:

Share your Location with your friends on Facebook

Modify the Home Screen & add Contacts to the Contact bar

Take a picture and share it online

Get familiar with Facebook phonebook (quite cool to see it out of the box!)

Create a message and send it to a number or email

Set up email

Use QWERTY efficiently

Keylock & Power key

Insert Memory card

Install Sim & Battery

Thanks to ZOMGitsCJ for the tip!

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