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The folks at Nokia India invited us to preview the upcoming E6 recently, and after spending some time with the device, we were pretty impressed. So read on for our first impressions of the device hardware and software.

First up, some specifications:

  • Display: 2.46″, VGA (640×480) multi-touch LCD (that’s 326 ppi!)
  • Memory: 8GB internal, Micro-SD slot upto 32GB
  • Camera: 8MP EDOF (no Auto Focus), LED Flash, 720p Video Recording @ 25 FPS
  • Battery: 1500 mAh battery, 14+ Hours Talktime on GSM, 680 Hours Standby!
  • Connectivity: Quadband GSM/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900), Pentaband WCDMA (850/900/1700/1900/2100), WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, micro USB
  • Software: Symbian Anna

The specs look pretty solid, especially the display (that’s almost iPhone 4 pixel density there) and the battery life! Plus, it’s one of the first phones (if not THE first one) that comes with Symbian Anna. Symbian Anna, if you’re not aware of it, is the update to Symbian^3 that brings quite a few improvements, including a new browser, new icons, split screen text input and a portrait qwerty keyboard (that’s going to be there only on the other Symbian^3 phones though, such as the X7, C7, N8, E7, etc).

Let’s start with the hardware. The phone, as with most premium Nokia Devices, feels solid. It’s VERY well built, even for the pre-production device we had. The keyboard was easy to use, no squishy stuff here. The keypress were solid without being hard, and typing wasn’t a problem. The one thing I like about the Nokia keyboards is the fact that punctuation marks are all on their own keys, and you don’t need to press alt or function to get your full stops and commas in. The front face also has a D-Pad (no optical trackpad like its predecessor, the E72), Call and End keys, and shortcut keys to email, contacts, calendar and the menu. The phone has a volume rocker on the right side, along with a slider to lock/unlock it. Of course, there’s the display, which we wouldn’t call gorgeous, but it is quite good. Above that, you have the light & proximity sensors and a VGA Front facing Camera. On top you have the 3.5mm jack and the power button. The back has the 8MP EDOF camera and the LED Flash.

On the Software side, Symbian Anna is a HUGE improvement over Symbian^3. Not as big a difference as it could/should have been though. While this wasn’t the final version of the software that will ship with the device, it still was solid. No lags, etc. You get 5 homescreens (unlike the 3 on all the other Symbian^3 phones), where you add widgets, shortcuts and all. The phone now supports multiple calendars, which is a must have for a business oriented phone. The icons are different too. The browser is where you’ll notice the difference. It’s got a completely revamped UI, which makes it look much neater AND now involves fewer steps to get where you want. Oh, and there’s finally tabbed browsing! Pressing the little arrow on the right side of the display opens up the settings panel, and you can open and manage multiple pages/tabs. Also, the E6 comes bundled with JoikuSpot premium, which lets you turn your Symbian Phone into a WiFi hotspot.

We don’t know yet when the phone will ship and how much it’s gonna cost, but keep following us over on twitter, @myportableworld and we’ll let you know as soon as we know. We should hopefully have a proper full review of the E6 by then. Check out the rest of the snaps of the E6 below.

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