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The latest application available at the BetaLabs site is Nokia Feel.Scr000058

It seems more of a recommendation engine, by accessing the phone’s application manager,  “Nokia Feel” suggests what apps and services you could use on your phone.  If you’re Hungry, then the suggestions would be on the lines of  calling friends to go out phone a meal, surfing the web for recipes or using Ovi maps to find your way to the nearest restaurant. There a quite a few Feelings to pick from including Bored, Lost, Happy and Lonely(and many more).


How useful this widget be on a daily basis, is definitely something you might ask.Without a doubt it is an interesting, and Nokia is considering shipping it to stores after more development. The app really does focus on the “Human” aspect of technology and has a serious novelty factor attached to it.

Nokia Feel is listed as a beta application and is currently compatible with Nokia S60 5th Edition devices and is developed and tested with Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini. Some issues might occur with other S60 5th edition devices.

You can read more as well as download the application from here, and pass on feedback to the developers after you use it!

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