Nokia HumanForm: An ode to ‘curves’

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, wait.. it’s a phone? Really?! Yup, meet the deceivingly named ‘HumanForm’ – Nokia’s latest conceptual offering, straight from the Research labs of Espoo.

A bit like that futuristic remote from the Adam Sandler film “Click”, this bendy device looks like it’s trying hard to be the proverbial ‘missing link’ – still, something that would probably please Darwin even, evolutionarily-speaking of course. What’s so ‘human‘ about you ask? Well, from how the folks at Nokia’s Research Center (NRC) put it, this phone is definitely bendy enough to give even the most oddly-shaped ears, a “perfect listening experience”. So “we’ve produced a phone that will work better for everyone’s shape because it is flexible. That’s why we called it HumanForm”, says Heidi, the editor-in-chief at the NRC. Put together using some crafty nanotechnology, the device also features a transparent display with a fully touch sensitive casing. More details to follow soon..

Odd as it may be, this prototype demonstrates Nokia’s deep commitment to evolving the phone and taking it to the next level – after all, this week marks only their 25th year of ‘changing the world’. Head past the break to check out if this prototype could actually clear the drawing boards and into the stores.

[Source: Nokia Conversations]

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